In 2010, Duquette Johnston released his album entitled 'Rugged and Fancy.' This phrase quickly became a philosophy and way of living for Duquette and his wife Morgan Johnston, a rubrick for assessing the form, function and effectiveness of the decisions and choices they made by way of style, decor, work, life. 

The Rugged and Fancy philosophy grew and evolved into a company in 2012, with the launch of a web site, an umbrella under which the two created art, jewelry and worked in production.

In those four years, Rugged and Fancy has become synonymous with Morgan's art, content development and styling and her mission to share wellness and happiness in the world. 

"We all just want connection. We want to know we aren't alone in the world and that we are loved," says Johnston. "I'm just deeply grateful that Rugged and Fancy gives me the opportunity to do that."






Snapchat: ruggedandfancy