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Oct 19, 2015

ESSENTIALS: Stylist & Traveler Kirby Cox

Kirby Cox is a stylist, writer, blogger and traveler from Birmingham, Alabama. She's also lived in London, New York City and Atlanta. "I feel very connected to the South, but I also feel very much connected to England and the UK. It's my second home," she says. 

"I grew up traveling, painting, dressing up, rescuing animals, dancing and putting on shows for anyone who would watch. I don't feel like much has changed in that way since I was little. I still hold that sense of wonder even though at times the world feels heavy."


DRINKING// In the words of Auntie Mame, "...bring me a light breakfast-- black coffee and a side car." Auntie Mame is one of my all time favorite movies and I kind of want to be Auntie Mame when I grow up. But other than those two drinks... lots of Earl Grey, red wine & sparkling water. 

READING// I'm an obsessive reader. I'm currently reading Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain. But up next I have a few CS Lewis books, Willie Nelson's Autobiography, Grace Jones' Memoir & Patti Smith's new book M Train. I can't get enough of biographies and autobiographies. 

LISTENING// Right now I have Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Prince & Serge Gainsbourg on heavy rotation. And every Sunday I listen to Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service on BBC Radio 6. It is my favorite radio show ever. 

MASTERING// French. I'm hoping to become fluent in the next few years. I'm also trying to master my writing skills. Writing is a passion of mine. I write short stories as well as the blurbs on my blog. I want to master my communication skills so I can go deeper in certain subjects. 

LEARNING// How to take time off. 

WORKING// All the time! I work full time as a Senior Stylist at Free People and I work on my blog when I'm not at work. I'm always planning or photographing something. I'm constantly gathering inspiration as well. I feel like I never turn off. 

TRAVELING// I'm going back to Ireland in November and Spain in the Spring. I'm hoping to go to Asia sometime in the near future. I want to go everywhere!

DREAMING// Always. 

PLAYING// Dress up. I never grew out of my dress up phase. 

WANTING// Roger Vivier Polly Suede Side-Buckle Ankle Boot, available here

x Kirby

You can find Kirby on Instagram and on her blog, here

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Sep 11, 2015


I love Tonia Trotter. We met via Instagram shortly after she moved to Birmingham from Nashville. We bonded over simultaneous pregnancy, glamour and art. She's a gallerist/curator on sabbatical after having her second child. We go to yoga together, text each other OMG photo moments of both Porter magazine photo spreads and ridiculous baby stuff, and we encourage my son Tennessee and her daughter Elise to kiss each other while we take pictures. Yeah, I know that sounds creepy and will expire in appropriateness very soon. 

Tonia is no stranger to Rugged and Fancy either. You can read her Korean beauty secrets here and if you're so obsessed with what she's obsessed with, you can check out what she was into last Summer here

PHOTO: Kenslie McGuire for Soca Clothing.


EATING// Noodle bowls. So easy, versatile and perfect for picky kids or entertaining. I prepare lots of toppings and everyone can make their own. My fave combo is buckwheat noodles in beef broth with kimchi, chopped kale, radishes, hardboiled egg and lots of green onions.

DRINKING// Very little alcohol. After two years of pregnancy and subsequent nursing, I have become such a lightweight! I can catch a buzz off of half a glass of wine these days! Since a full night of sleep isn't guaranteed with two munchkins, I've eschewed booze during the week for quality rest. I drink kombucha or herbal tea instead. On the weekends, I'll sip on a glass of Four Roses bourbon, Trim Tab's Raspberry Berliner Weisse, or Montinore Estate's Pinot Noir.

READING// All the September issues! I've devoured them every year since I was 13! Also, Judd Apatow's "Sick in the Head." I'm a sucker for a funny guy, and I have a girl crush on his wife, Leslie Mann.

LISTENING// Jenny Lewis, The Mavericks, Moon Taxi, Elle King, The Weeknd, Fetty Wap.

PRACTICING// Yoga. I've practiced on and off for a decade and have amazingly maintained my status as "beginner." I decided to step it up this summer- practicing 3-5 times/week, attending classes and pushing myself into more advanced poses and the ones I tended to avoid in the past because I always fell over. I would still describe myself as a novice, but I can feel myself getting stronger with every practice.

MASTERING// Dressing with purpose. I committed to the capsule collection movement this summer and have loved it! I enjoy having a uniform. I feel like I have such a better understanding of my style and how to compliment my body type than I did in my clotheshorse 20s. 

WORKING// I have been so fortunate to have been able to take some time off with my daughter. I took a year off when my son was born too, but that proved to be a difficult time financially and ultimately not as stress-free as I intended it to be. This time, we are a little older and more stable and have been able to live comfortably off og my husband's income, due to his hard work and keen budgeting. He has been immensely supportive of my staying at home with the kids, although sometimes, I wish we could trade places! I am definitely feeling ready to get back to work but am carefully considering what I want to do and how to balance it with motherhood. My background is in fine art, design, marketing and public relations, and I am always drawn to the creative. 

TRAVELING// My bottle-shunning 16-months old is nearly weaned, and I can't wait to go away for a few adult-only weekend trips! The Gulf Coast, Nashville, New York and Auburn are on the docket for this Fall.

DREAMING// Of a second honeymoon. My husband and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary next year, and we are planning a romantic getaway. We're debating whether we want pampering or adventure. 

FEELING// Liberated! I have both kids in preschool a few days a week and finally feel like I'm not drowning in motherhood. I actually feel ike a kinder, more engaged mom because I've had some time to myself. 

PLAYING// Explorers with my kids. We live on a river with lots of incredible plants and wildlife exclusive to our area. We are always hiking, fishing, canoeing, skipping rocks and digging for fossils. It's so fun to watch them develop a love for science!

MAKING// Chai and matcha lattes with coconut milk, banana bread and pumpkin quinoa waffles with cashew butter, sliced apples or figs and local honey. Basically anything that tastes like Fall!

WANTING// Cooler temps and some kick-ass Fall boots. I'm drooling over Chloe's knee-high "Susanna" shit-kickers, because you can take the girl outta Nashville, but not the Nashville outta the girl.

Follow Tonia's adventures in life, art, fashion and family @toniatrotter

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Sep 9, 2015

ESSENTIALS: the first recommendations of Fall

There was a distinct moment that I got over Summer. I am all about living in the moment, but with the first several days of a cool breeze, the passing of Labor Day and a change of produce at the, when those squashes start coming out IT IS FALL!

You may remember our series ESSENTIALS ,which you can check out here. The series has been super neglected in the past year, but I am all about picking things up and breathing in new life, so without further ado...


C.J. Adams is one of those guys living the good life. His sense of humor and knack for smart timing, complemented by his love of watches and a desire to make life more enjoyable and streamlined make for a pretty inventive and adventurous life. Duquette and I have known who C.J. is for a long time, but this is the first time we have had a chance to really chat with him. He would also like you to know he loves to wake up early, drink too much coffee, dance to Taylor Swift, eat tacos, and his ultimate dream is to live on a sailboat, rocking back and forth with the waves. Oh, and PS- C.J. is the man behind Flight & Feather, my favorite collection of graphic tees-- they're simple and powerful with messages I can get behind. (I mean, ADVENTURE ALWAYS is basically my life mantra!) For real, when I saw the ADVENTURE ALWAYS tank, I basically hunted down the faceless person behind the line. I was super excited to hear the man behind the brand is C.J.! 

EATING// Ice cream... lots of ice cream. I probably go through a pint a day. It's so freaking delicious.

DRINKING// La Croix Coconut like it is going out of style. I might as well have an IV of it. Between that and my excessive coffee consumption, I'm pretty much set. 

READING// "Crazy From the Heat" by David Lee Roth. I think it was on some suggested reading list for easy summer reads. It was $1 on Amazon, so I figured it must be fantastic. So far, I just want to do a photo shoot recreating the cover. Know any of the models that want me to hold them in the ocean, while I do my best DLR impersonation?

LISTENING// I just saw Straight Outta Compton, so I've been listening to a bit of hip hop. If you know me at all, you know that this is very odd.

PRACTICING// Sleeping more. I'm one of those folks that has always said I don't require much sleep, but I'm really making an effort to get a good eight hours a night these days. Easier said than done. 

LEARNING// To commit. I have severe commitment phobia in pretty much every aspect of my life. For starters, I typically don't live in the same place for more than six months. 

WORKING// On some exciting new projects. I'm the type of person that is always doing multiple things at once. 

TRAVELING// A lot. This summer has been a fun one... Charleston, Atlanta, NYC, Destin...headed to Baltimore, Chicago and Southampton in the next few weeks. 

DREAMING// of Tulum.

FEELING// Excited about Fall. Big things are going to happen in the coming months... and I love Fall weather. It's the bees knees. 

PLAYING// as often as possible. People need to get outside and play more.

COOKING// often. There's something therapeutic about being in the kitchen, whether I'm cooking for a dinner party or just for myself. 

WANTING// To climb the Seven Summits. It's always been a dream of mine, and the upcoming movie, Everest, has revived that desire. 

For more about C.J. check out his personal site here. And be sure to follow @flightandfeather on Instagram and C.J. too @seejayadams.

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Jul 4, 2014

Essential Summer 2014: THE PLAYLIST

We are in the thick of Summer and it feels so good! We have asked a few of our friends to give us their three all time fave summer songs and put them in a playlist for your Fourth of July! So throw on your swim trunks, toss a steak on the grill and turn up the volume! 

DUQUETTE JOHNSTON (Duquette Johnston): Creedence Clearwater Revival "Pagan Baby"/Ramsay Midwood "Maybelline"/Neil Young "Vampire Blues"

JORDAN SOWARDS (Big Communications): Music Go Music "Light of Love"/HAIM "The Wire"/Solange "Losing You"

LEE NORWOOD (Ralph Lauren): JJ Cale "Hey Baby"/Van Morrison "Into the Mystic"/Bob Marley "Trenchtown Rock Live"

MATT LANE HARRIS (Big Communications): Sweet Tea "If I Were a Carpenter"/Terry Collier "You Going to Miss Your Candyman"/Porno for Pyros "Tahitian Moon"

MATT SPRINGER (Antique Archaeology/Made Right Here): Prince and the Revolution "Raspberry Beret"/Luther Vandross "Never Too Much"/Roman Candle "They Say"

MAX WASTLER (Basil Hayden/All Plaidout/Buckshot Sonny's/Made Right Here): Guy Clark "Homegrown Tomatoes"/Otis Redding "Hard to Handle"/Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Fishin' in the Dark"

MORGAN JOHNSTON (Rugged and Fancy): Panbers "Maafkan Daku"/Tommy James "Crimson and Clover"/The Doors "Break On Through (to the Other Side)"

NICOLA LYON and LAUREN LABADIE (Willow Wood Music): Tune-Yards "Water Fountain"/Air Review "Young"/Pepa Knight "Rahh"

ROBBY MELVIN (Southern Living): Shaheed & DJ Supreme "Glorious Day"/Ryan Adams and The Cardinals "Easy Plateau"/Seals & Croft "Summer Breeze"

SARAH TRAPP (Billy Reid): Tift Merritt "Mixtape"/Apache Relay "Katie Queen of Tennessee"/Bob Dylan "Mozambique"

SHELLY COLVIN (Billy Reid): Drivin N Cryin "Let's Go Dancing"/Grateful Dead "Casey Jones"/Big Star "Don't Lie to Me"


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Jun 27, 2014

Essential Summer 2014: tebogo bogatsu

Man, this Essential Summer list is a special one, contributed by our very dear friend Tebogo Bogatsu. We met Tebogo via Instagram. He has been a huge supporter and encourager of us. It was born out of a love of style, family, music, life. We emailed and exchanged addresses, sending each other care packages around the world. Tebogo is from South Africa and lives in Italy with his beautiful wife and two children. In this relationship, we've really come to appreciate how amazing the Internet can be, connecting people that might not ever have the opportunity to meet otherwise. In Tebogo's words he considers himself "a jack of all trades and master of none for now." He loves to meet new people and trying out different things as he feels that's "how we grow and acquire experience." "I live my life by the day and only things that matter are planned, otherwise I dive in headfirst."

You can follow Tebogo's adventures in Italy, England, South Africa, Belgium and more on Instagram @bombafire and at The Connoisseurs of Creativity

Eating/ I am South African so I eat almost anything because of all the different nationalities that I grew up around. Now been living in Italy for eleven years, which now means eating more three-course meals at home (instead of everything in one serving) so here goes: pasta, rice salad, pizza, mozzerella, tuna finishing off with lovely summer fruit peaches, apricots, etc. (However I still love my double cheese burgers, kebab and chips.)

Drinking/ Well very many Italian families have a small vineyard which means that we too make our own home red wine so there is never a mean without wine, still water, espresso no sugar, black long coffee two sugars, tea with two sugar no milk

Practicing/ streetstyle photography, I have had a passion for photography since I was a little boy. Now I can experience it. 

Mastering/ being a good father, concentrating, listening. I find that these are all traits that are good for me to live by.

Learning/ to brainstorm in a team, digital photography. While I'm trying to specialize in the photography, I'm busy starting some collaborations. Brainstorming is a vital key especially in a group.

Trying/ to be creative, do collaborations, cycling. I'm in love with creativity and keep chasing it around. So I need to be creative in an attempt to bring creativity closer.

Playing/ Meshell Ndegeocello, Finley Quaye, Capleton, Bob Marley, Grand Puba, Queen Ifrica, Duquette Johnston, Sade. Music is life and has the power to withdraw you from any given situation and relax you. I listen to different kinds of music for my life has different moods.

Reading/ blogs, poetry, interviews, style reviews, "streetfashion photography," "fotografia digitale," the monk who sold his Ferrari. Books are nice and it's always a pleasure getting a new book (unfortunately at times we leave them halfway) so I hop in and out of various books, blogs, etc. They live in symbiosis with my mood.

Wearing/ Bismillah shirts by ACF, khaki trousers (normal and drop crotch), white tees, espadrillas, my twelve year old mid top Converse, over 15 year old vintage vintage cap, fedora hats. I take pride in the way I look and like the other things I stated. My mood governs what I wear.

Cooking/ pasta with pesto, home made bread, pizza, BBQ, anything quick. I love spending time in the kitchen... The secret is making it enjoyable and not a must. Five minute cooking good, too.

Working/ CNC machining and programming, writing for a local online journal (in Italian). Trying to work on a lot of levels and keeping things going moves me.

Traveling/ just been to Belgium and intend on going back. England always in my heart and South Africa hopefully in August.

Wanting/ a vintage bicycle, more fedora hats and more collaborations. Wanting is not always about greed.

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Jun 23, 2014

Essential Summer 2014: Julie Garcés

Julie Garcés is one of those super hot, wildly stylish, hippy hearted New York City women. She and I connected over Instagram a while back and often offer each other feel good compliments and support and good advice on being mamas. That's a friend, y'all. In her words, she's "35. sales director for a chef and his restaurants, my babe is Rio Bonham (named after Zeppelin drummer John Bonham) he's 2. Sound engineer husband. Brooklyn for past 12 yrs. Surfer/skateboarding hippie in NYC, haha. That's me in a nutshell." Follow her awesome NYC adventures on Instagram, @julsgarces.

Trying/ a bunch of new sunscreens. Mama needs no wrinkles but doesn't mind freckles.

Cooking/ nothing. Grilling everything. Salads with micro greens, watermelon, salt, pepper and evoo are what I'm existing on.

Drinking/ rosé. Always. Peppermint iced tea with a dollop of raw honey mixed in.

Wanting/ more vintage adini dresses. Scouring eBay and yard sales in Woodstock (my summer place) for these treasures.

Playing/ with Rio. At the beach and in our garden.

Wasting/ money on fancy moisturizers. Coconut oil is where it's at!

Deciding/ between more blonde highlights or strawberry blonde status.

Enjoying/ where my career and motherhood balance is headed. And new friendships I've been lucky to gain this year.

Loving/ GOSH lip stain in berry. Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Mask. My new sunnies from Sunday Somewhere

Considering/ neighborhoods we want to buy in. Bronx vs Brooklyn. (Yes, Bronx is the new Brooklyn, now you know.)

Watching/ my weight. I tend to eat a ton of ice cream in the summer. My jeans are snug.

Needing/ lazy summer days in Woodstock including 4pm cocktail hour by the pool and later on a martini on the porch around 10pm. 

Smelling/ patchouli lavender oil and sunscreen. Loving both. I know it's summer when I smell these two.

Wearing/ my hair in messy knots and braids. Mascara and lip stain only. Raquel Allegra tunics and cutoffs.

Following/ the World Cup! And my favs on Instagram// @ruggedandfancy @notsomumsy @uptonallgood @buenobrandi @brittrich

Noticing/ things about my husband that I haven't appreciated in a while and remembering it's what I fell in love with.

Buying/ dry shampoo (thanks Morgan!), lots of summer fruits, drinks out with the girls when I can.

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Jun 20, 2014

Essential Summer 2014: Sheyda Mehrara

Today's Essential Summer comes from Sheyda Mehrara, an old friend of mine and Duquette's. She's wildly stylish, gets more done and makes more happen than just about anyone I know and she comes from a Persian family. So basically, she's my dream girl!  You can follow her on Instagram @sheyda_m and also at Time&Truth&Hearts

SHEYDA: The name "Sheyda" is first referenced by Hafez, an ancient Persian poet. The meaning translates to "lovesick." Little did my parents know the impact the name would carry throughout my life. I catch myself falling in love countless times daily. Whether it's with a movie or a food or a friendship. It's particularly handy in the editorial and creative world, as it helps me connect with a story and feel the desire to share it.

Eating/ sautéed sweet potatoes with sliced avocado and drizzled balsamic vinegar. Or just an avocado half. Safe to say, I'm obsessed.

Drinking/ a simple gin and tonic from time to time. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll muddle some raspberries and thyme. 

Practicing/ patience. I'm known for my curiosity, but sometimes the answers aren't readily available. It's a conscious effort to be at peace with that.

Mastering/ my sense of style. I lean toward clean-cut lines within a neutral palette for my daily wardrobe. It's becoming more about curating a quality-over-quantity closet. 

Learning/ how to get around Atlanta without Siri. I just moved here for my new position, and it's a win every time I get from point A to point B without the maps.

Trying/ to keep my voice down. My vocal volume tries to compensate for my petite frame. 

Playing/ hard to get. Kidding.

Reading/ tons of magazines. I'm really into Port, Wired and Hunger at the moment.

Remembering/ how blessed I am to be what I'm doing at 22 years old. I just returned from a weekend in Birmingham, where my parents held a graduation party for me. It's humbling to be around that many people who love and support you.

Wearing/ Aritzia. When I lived in Manhattan with two of these stores a few subway stops, that was dangerous.

Cooking/ all the time. As annoying as food allergies can be, I've come to prefer cooking my own food. 

Working/ at Eidé Magazine in Atlanta. It's surreal to work for a magazine with the mantra "World Culture, Southern Style." After countless summers traveling, Eidé provides an anchor for all my interests and experiences. 

Traveling/ this summer is quite odd for my track record. I'm usually spending time with family overseas, but it's a nice change of pace to just adventure around Atlanta. It keeps my itch to travel at bay. 

Wanting/ my own vegetable garden. And a sheep. Just one.

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Jun 16, 2014

Essential Summer 2014: Tonia Trotter

These Essential Summer lists are some of my favorite posts we do. It gives me a better glimpse into the lives of people I admire and just generally gets me even more excited about this Summer. Today's Essential Summer comes from Tonia Trotter, former gallerist, current domestic goddess, epicurian enthusiast and dancing queen. Tonia and I connected via Instagram as we carried babies at the same time and admired each other's impeccable tastes. And she's wickedly funny, too. Check out and follow Tonia on Instagram (@toniatrotter).

Eating/ Salads galore! This rainy summer has been good for my herb garden so far. I've been tossing tons of basil and mint in with micro greens, my fave seasonal fruits (peaches, watermelon and figs) and goat cheese from Stone Hollow Farmstead. I eat some combo of this every day.

Drinking/ Everything! Just kidding. Tequila, St Germain, sweet tea, muddled peaches and basil. I'm calling it "Tequila Mockingbird." Rose with dinner. Vision Cellars and Belle Glos are my faves right now.

Practicing/ Patience- with my family and myself. With a toddler, a newborn and a type A personality, that isn't easy. 

Mastering/ Living on very, very little sleep (see aforementioned newborn).

Learning/ To let go. It's okay if my home isn't constantly magazine spread ready because there are toys scattered on my living room floor. It's okay if my body isn't immediately snapping back into pre-baby shape a la Gisele Bundchen. It's okay if I take a hiatus from my career to embrace this season of motherhood with two little ones. This is my current mantra.

Trying/ Ballet, a bob haircut, to cuddle with my husband when the kids are asleep.

Playing/ First Aid Kit, Local Natives, St Paul and the Broken Bones, Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 for pool days and early 90s hip hop. Whenever it comes on the radio, I can't help but start dancing. It's an automatic response.

Reading/ Not much right now. Skimming the news is about the best I can do with a one month old. Blogs on my iPhone at 3am while I'm nursing.

Remembering/ To be thankful.

Wearing/ Flats and anything floaty, linen and/or white. Insect repellant. Alabama summertime is no joke, y'all. 

Cooking/ Simple salads, cous cous with mint and dried apricots, roasted chicken or fish overstuffed with herbs and citrus fruit.

Working/ On building our new house. I'm playing designer. It's fun but harder than I thought!

Traveling/ The lake, the Gulf and my old stomping grounds Nashville to visit friends.

Wanting/ A deep tissue massage and eight hours of sleep.

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Jun 13, 2014

Essential Summer 2014: Matt Lane Harris

Earlier this week I posted my Essential Summer list for these upcoming hot and bound to be memorable months, inspired by James over at Bleubird Blog. I sent the list around to a few friends and it's kind of turned into this really awesome thing. So today's list comes from Matt Lane Harris, the Bill Murray of design, Associate Creative Director at Big Communications, maven, evangelist, godfather to our son. 

Eating/ From a lot of Trucks, BBQ, Vietnamese, Grape Fruit, Peanuts, Anything on a Cracker

Drinking/ Margaritas from Collins Bar, Glenlivet 12, Modelo Especial, Mountain Valley Water, Fresca, Slim Fast

Practicing/ Articulating, Temperature-Control, Knife Sharpening

Mastering/ Room Reading, Haggling, Cranking a Quadrajet in need of a rebuild, Iron-on patches, Metal Restoration, Found Line Art Extraction, Pomade Application

Learning/ To Remember Names, To Delegate, To navigate the car's sounds system, Amateur Antique Appraisal

Trying/ 10,000 steps on Fitbit, No Socks (Goldbond), Better Grooming Products, Ebay, More incense

Playing/ Spotify to Bluetooth, Noisli App, Aquarium Drunkard, First Aid Kit, Extra Classic, Lee Bains, Afghan Whigs, Real Estate, Sturgill Simpson, Nikki Lane, Endless Boogie, James Booker, Late 70's Stones, Black Uhuru, The Gladiators

Reading/ Preachers & Misfits, Prophets & Thieves (given to me by Morgan), The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, Collective Quarterly, American Frontiersman, Warranties, Wikipedia, The Selvedge Yard, Silodrome, Mashable

Remembering/  Times in my life I should of enjoyed more.

Wearing/ My first pair of shorts that weren't cut-offs, 'cone mills selvedge 505s I've had for a couple of years, old Ralph Lauren chinos I've patched back to life, black t-shirts, short sleeve button-ups, turquoise and silver, olive drab, dirty white Sperry CVOs, chelsea boots, Nike running shoes, assorted mesh-back truckers, clean drawers

Cooking/ Nothing that can't be grilled.

Working/ T-Shirt designs, Brand Work, Furniture Moving, Synergies

Traveling/ The Beach, The Lake, The Wiregrass, Atlanta, Nashville, anywhere John Montgomery will take me.

Wanting/ Spring back, The Right House, New Jeans, Liturgy, Southeast Asia, A spit-cup, Saltwater, Honda US90, Old Carbon Knives to Clean, Flyknits, Vintage Scuba Equipment, Equity, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Rob McDaniel Charcuterie Plate, Danger Pay, The Head of Alfredo Garcia, A Fresca

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Jun 5, 2014

Essential Summer 2014: Morgan Johnston

Summer officially begins in two and a half weeks, but I got into my Summer groove weeks ago. Blame it on the Alabama temperatures (we are already clearing about 90 degrees), the opening of everyone's pools and the excitement I feel for our son's first Summer ever. 

Inspired by Bleubird Blog, here is my Summer list of hopes, dreams, obsessions!

Eating / mint and cilantro in EVERYTHING. Try some chopped mint in your eggs with some garlic and grape tomatoes, amazing. And charcuterie at Chez Fon Fon. It fixes evvvvverything. 

 Drinking / I've never been one for drinky drinks. But I've recently started to enjoy a little tequila. We are calling it my "Tequila Summer," and it's Patron Silver with soda water and a lime.

 Practicing / Yoga: I feel so disconnected from my body since having Tennessee and yoga could be my way to get back in tune with myself. And the breathing and meditation (my time for prayer) feels so blissful.

 Mastering / Motherhood. Just kidding. I'm having to learn how to be less hard on myself. So I'm not going to aim to master anything this Summer. Go, Morgan!

Learning / Pottery. Someone once had a vision of me in a barn with open doors, barefoot and working at a potter's wheel. It's kind of my dream these days.

 Trying / To be more on top of stuff. There's some big things coming up and I want to approach it all in a calm, organized, centered way.

 Playing / With my baby, with my husband, with our friends and family in our awesome backyard and in any body of water possible.

 Reading / More actual paper books! I've got a stack and just need to save some time during those precious nap hours to read something other than blogs on my iPhone.

 Remembering / Childlike wonder. This year especially, the arrival of Summer has made me remember, smell, taste, hear Summer from when I was a kid. Picture: public pool sunbathing in an awkward one piece, listening to Oasis' "Wonderwall" and eating soggy french fries from the food stand. And the smell of chlorine. 

 Wearing / Jeans again! Hallelujah for not being pregnant! And caftans. And hopefully a bikini before my 30th birthday in August.

Cooking / Everything! We gave up wheat, soy, corn and ALL sugar (including fruit!). So we go to the farmer's market and load up on super fresh, super local food and we cook alllllll the time. I've always dreamed of living a life like that. 

 Working / On some really exciting stuff for July and August that we are really looking forward to sharing with y'all soon.

 Traveling / The beach. A national park. Going West. Going further South. Camping? (Maybe, I would do it for my husband and son only). Give me water. Give me mountains. Give me the wide open road. 

 Wanting / Shoot. There's a lot I "want," but not really feeling like I "need" any of it. 

Photo: The film poster for one of my favorite movies, The Endless Summer.

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