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Mar 23, 2016


It has been a hot minute since I have shared 5 things I am digging right now. We have gotten so much feedback that this is the content you really love to see, so I am excited to start sharing it again regularly!

Let's get right to it. I am SO READY for warmer weather, and in that spirit of wishing on sunshine, iced tea and barefoot hangouts in the backyard, here are 5 THINGS:


I am a proud supporter of a barefoot life, especially as temperatures begin to climb. Have you heard of Earthing? It's basically standing with bare feet planted to the ground, rooting your physically and energetic body to the Earth. Great for detoxing. Great for stress relief. Great for a whole lot of real conditions that many people face today. Great to get your head out of the sickness cycle, the clouds (or your a$$, just saying!). 

All of this is to say... I WANT SHOES THAT ARE AS CLOSE TO BAREFOOT AS POSSIBLE. Thank God for an espadrille and Ancient Greek Sandals


Did you know espadrilles date back to the 1200s? The fact we are all still wearing them today is a sure sign that there is something REALLY RIGHT about this shoe. Aaaaand Picasso wore them a lot, and that always wins me over. 

photo credit here

And dudes, if you want to find some espadrilles, check this out


This may be my favorite frenemy situation in all of history.

(If you want to read more about it check out these books, and may I just point out this awesome kids' book, When Pigcasso Met Mootisse. YES.) They were rivals and challengers to each other's styles. One upping, pushing boundaries. Whether it was healthy or not, it certainly produced some of the most significant pieces in art history. 

I am deeply influenced by the work of both of these men, especially from their periods in the South of France. It conjures Summertime, the scent of lavender and prolific work. 

Matisse, "Blue Nude II" (Via Pinterest)

Matisse, "Little Blue Interior" (Via Pinterest)

Picasso, Portrait of Francoise Gilot (via Pinterest)

Picasso "Claude et Paloma dessinant" (via Pinterest)


They're modest statements. They're amazingly functional. Depending on the quality, they're insanely durable. I have carried this one fiber bag with leather handles for over half a decade. It was a label-less thrift score find for less than $3, and every Spring and Summer it's my absolute go to for all occassions. 

They're exotic in potential origins and simple in their beauty. They're straight up an embodiment of Rugged and Fancy. 

There are a lot of bags out there to choose from (see some of my picks here). But I really want to recommend shopping for one at your local farmer's market, at a small boutique or on an exciting adventure. Oh, and estate sales! I have taken home a few amazing bags from the Pacific or Caribbean from the 60s. 


I just got back from the most blissful three day girls' trip to the Emerald Coast in Florida. It was HEAVENLY. White sand, crystal clear water, emerald tidal pools. Just a dream. I am so fortunate that the ocean is only four hours away from me. I don't know how people can live landlocked. Here's some tropical inspiration for you.

This is a photo from my beach trip. If you want to see more, click here

Tropical tacos? YES, PLEASE. (Via Pinterest)


This is long overdue, right?


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Apr 8, 2015

Five Things I Want Right Now…

warm weather wardrobe

 1/ Satya Jewelry Mandala Sun Necklace. This mandala symbol represents unity, balance and harmony, and the sun symbol represents leadership, vitality, life. I think it's a nice reminder of the things that matter. And it's really beautiful. 

2/Olga Prieto Brass Coin Kyanite Stone Long Necklace. Spanish designer Prieto is based in Mexico City and works with local artisans using Old World techniques. This necklace feels ancient and modern at the same time. 

3/ TWO Khadi caftan in blue. I love this brand, TWO. Don't know much about them (hello future post!) but they're made in the USA and each one is just stunning.

4/Tatiana Choremi bracelets. Choremi says, "The All Seeing Eye is what gives you a vision, a dream, a clairvoyance." These hand made bracelets have an ancient vibe with their symbolism and iconography. I want multiple. 

5/ Two white Khadi caftan with blue. Obsessed with these. I could have a closet full. 

So how is everyoen doing? I have been INSANELY busy in the best way possible. This past Monday I launched the web site I have been working on for the past several months. OUR ESSENTIAL LIFE is an organization of wellness and health experts who want to change the world through awareness about your body's structure, nutrition, your environmental and emotional health and through the use of essential oils. It's a game changer and something I am so proud to be a part of as Creative Director. 

Check it out, here

Have a beautiful day wherever you are.



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Feb 20, 2015

Three things you need to know.

You guys. I am feeling so much burnout here right now. I've been working full steam in my new position  that I am not really talking about much in this space right now. Duq and I are basically passing ships that pass off the baby between each of our work, and Tennessee is currently sitting beside me just straight up throwing fits over a banana. I've been feeling really private lately, trying to remember what real life was like before we had computers on our phones and three devices on us at all times. Before social media and perfect filters and, geez, before selfies.

I have been working hard, and in my free time I want to spend time with my family, cook delicious and healthy food, paint and read, do some yoga, meditate. It's been completely satisfying and fulfilling. This is an adjustment period. 

But there's still cool stuff I need to tell you about.

1/ Rose quartz. It's been used for thousands of years for bringing about well-being, especially in your closest relationships (hello, married people!). It opens the heart chakra and can bring peace, forgiveness, love to situations. Hence it's the perfect material for a, um, personal product. I now introduce to you the Chakrub. (Please tell me you are putting two and two together here.)

2/ Jade Rollers. The ancient Chinese empresses used these beautiful jade objects to improve circulation, cleanse the lymphatic system and promote clear skin. This cool medicinal stone depuffs your face and gives you a totally health promoting massage with that little bit of luxury and mysticism that I think we all want to experience in our products. I can't wait to order one of these babies. 

3/ @ihavethisthingwithfloors. This is my favorite Instagram account ever. It's all amazing patterned, mostly mosaic floors. And shoes. It's an amazing source of inspiration for me. And wanderlust. 

Do y'all like posts like this? A few things that I just think are cool and that you might want to know about? You guys mean a lot to me. Have a great weekend.



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Jan 15, 2015

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now

five things


1/THE PHONE CASE. I love these phone cases from Julia Kostreva. The marble look is on point. 

2/ THE BRACELETS. I discovered these at Villager Yoga and totally got myself this pyrite one (left) and really want the labradorite (right). It's a brand called Keōzo, and each bracelet's semiprecious stones have certain balancing/centering properties. The pyrite is for healing, confidence, increased stamina and intellect. Encourages emotional wellbeing and memories of love and friendships. It feels so good and looks even better on my wrist. The labradorite helps with self belief, metabolism, self-esteem, reduces anxiety and stress. Totally getting this one next. 

3/ THE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND. This is a blend of Young Living Oils called Sensation. With coriander, ylang ylang, bergamot, jasmine and geranium, this smells so amazing and is totally one of my favorite oils right now. It's great for nourishing your skin. The scent is beautiful, romantic, super feminine. Just sexy in a bottle. It's great for turning on your partner. There, I said it. And I love putting it on before bed and the way it makes my sheets smell. (I'm talking about the oil.) If you're interested in essential oils, feel free to email me! Or use Rugged and Fancy (#1720800) when you sign up or place an order.

4/ THE MASCARA. This Chanel Le Volume mascara in Prune is amazing. There was this moment in the 90s when burgundy mascara was a thing, and it was so good for this blonde haired, green eyed gal. It's been hard to come by in the past, ahem, twenty years. But now there's this. It's amazing. I actually dreamed about it last night. 

5/ THE DAY PLANNER. Again with the Julia Kostreva... these fill-in the date calendars are insanely beautiful, clean, logical and only $32. Hello. I love this blush color for 2015 so this is my top choice. 


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Dec 19, 2014

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now

1/ B4-XVI. Some genius has taken a close look at the relationship of hip hop style and art predating the 16th century.

2/ APPARATUS STUDIO. This is one of those things that I came across via a friend's post on Instagram. Man, these lights and objets are so sexy. "Censer" is an incense burner. Check out their amazing light fixtures, too.

3/ HOLIDAY MAGAZINE. Many years ago I went to an estate sale of an older couple who had obviously spent their lives traveling the world together. I found a stack of these yellow edged giant magazines called "HOLIDAY" from the 1950s and 60s with photographs of Capri, Paris and high society taken by none other than Slim Aarons. I read them cover to cover, hanging a few of the covers in our home for many years. Anyway, it was LONG LONG out of print. And now it's back and I am so thrilled.

4/ TOM FORD LIPSTICKS. I have to be honest here. I have not actually tried any Tom Ford lipsticks. However, I am completely sold on their beauty. The pigments. The packaging. The styling of color swatches. It's so sexy. So there are eight new matte colors and a line of mini lipsticks called Lips & Boys. Look at the way they give you swatches-- photos of colored lips of a woman, kissing a boy (and sometimes a girl, too). (First photo, courtesy of A Standard of Living.)

5/ NEIL KRUG. This guy has produced the album art for basically everyone in the past few years, from Lana del Rey and First Aid Kit to Devendra Banhart, Jim James and way, way beyond. It's super psychedelic, beautiful and uncomfortable, too. I love his fine art prints. Buy them now. Trust me. (First, "Jackie 72." Second, "Summer Lovers.")

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Nov 19, 2014

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now

1/ STUD EARRINGS. I haven't been able to wear anything but stud earrings since having a baby. All those little grabbing hands. I am really digging the studs those. Such an opportunity for a statement with something so small. I may never go back to the dangly ones. 

2/ HOT TEA. My friend Jana has been talking about tea for forever. It's that NYC trendcaster in her. Now that I've regained full function of my tastebuds (quitting smoking, giving up sugar, etc.), there is nothing quite as luxurious as a perfect cup of tea. There are so many options for flavors and moods. Yes, tea moods. This is totally my really niche obsession this Winter. 
If I could splurge on tea, I would totally order myself this Twelve Months of Bellocq tea collection. Blends with names like The White Wolf and Gypsy Caravan are as enticing as the beautiful packaging that is as striking (and reusable) as those Diptyque votives. 
For the Pantone obsessed design lover, these T2 Teas are a beautiful gift. I popped in the shop when we were in NYC because it is just such a striking shop with its bright walls that resemble a periodic table of teas. 
3/ COOKBOOKS. I was looking back through stuff yesterday and came across my 2014 goals, one of which was to cook more. Well I am proud to say we absolutely have accomplished this! We cook 95% of our meals from scratch, and to be honest it isn't that difficult if you make it that important in your life. Not only has it improved my health, it has honestly helped me to enjoy the simple pleasure of preparing food a lot more. And it has given us great family time, gathered around the kitchen. I never thought I would say this, but there's nothing wuite as peaceful as sitting at a clean table, perusing a beautiful cookbook while dreaming of beautiful meals. 
I've been dying to get my hands on A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorisson. She and her family bought a delapidated chateau in France where they cook and photo and try to bring back the vineyard. Their next project is cooking classes and hosting guests on site in Médoc, France. I live vicariously through her beautiful posts on blog Manger, which I read daily. 
4/ Polar Vortex Uniform. In Alabama, it's about 25 degrees, which is the coldest it's ever been in Alabama in November. I'm freezing the past several days, but I've developed a perfect cozy-relaxed-chic-at-the-same-time uniform that I have literally worn every day for almost a week. 
polar vortex uniform

5/ SCENTS OF THE SEASON. If you know us personally, you know we are scent people. Lately, I've been diffusing two Young Living Oils: Christmas Spirit and Orange together. When I was a kid if it was cold weather, my grandmother would have a simmer pot on the stove filled with sliced oranges, clove and cinnamon. Those two oils remind me of that and fill my home with the most inviting smell and so many happy memories. I'm also burning the Apolis Candle in Sandalwood Clove. (And if you're ever interested in ordering Young Living oils, use Rugged and Fancy as your referral and I'm happy to walk you through it and give you some insider tips!)
apolis candle




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Sep 23, 2014

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now: good vibe edition

Duquette and I are really attentive to the vibes around us, whether in our home, our work or our relationships. We work really hard to maintain positivity, an even energy and a loving disposition towards all aspects of our lives. In the realest sense, this is related to a close walk with God on a daily basis, prayer and meditation, diet, less noisy noise and more making and doing. And lots of love. That said, I do have a few creature comforts I am digging right now that add a certain aesthetic vibe to my space and remind me to slow down, breathe evenly and to be present and grateful in the moment.

1/ SHOYEIDO INCENSE. This stuff is as good as incense gets. It's from a 300 year old company in Kyoto, Japan and smells heavenly. It smells like what I actually imagine heaven will smell like. I love the irridescent, short sticks and the variety pack shown here is a great way to explore their scents. There must be something really special about Kyoto incense. It's unlike anything else I have ever smelled. Amazing.

2/ CATHOLIC PRAYER CANDLES. I'm not Catholic and I'm not really well versed on the Saints either. But there's something so comforting and touching in seeing a wall lined many times over with these flickering candles. I love buying these at Mi Pueblo, Birmingham's huge Mexican and South American market. They're less than a couple of bucks a piece. I sometimes have them lit on the mantle all day as a reminder to be prayerful or kind or whatever throughout my day. 

3/ APOLIS SANDALWOOD CLOVE CANDLE. Duquette got me this candle as an anniversary gift recently. I had some reservations as we have practically given up all constructed scents outside of essential oils. I was so surprised by the Apolis candle! It's the perfect scent for the approach of Fall. It is clean, warm and welcoming. Not too sweet and not too gypsyesque/heavy. 

4 and 5/ PALO SANTO. It all started for us with the palo santo sticks, this holy wood from Ecuadorian trees that has to naturally fall and then age on the ground for a decade or more. You let the smoke billow, cleansing the air of all sorts of bad stuff. It smells amazing and totally clears weird smells and just freshens a space immediately. Duquette carries sticks with him at all times and is known to burn them on stage, in radio stations and on car trips. (All true scenarios.) Now lately I have really embraced the Palo Santo oil from Young Living. I apply it directly to my skin, focusing on behind my ears and the back of my neck. It's known as a spiritual oil and was used for centuries by the Incas to purify and cleanse the air of negative energies and for good fortune. It repels mosquitos, treats fevers and skin diseases. It has medical properties that are anticancerous, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. So it's good treatment for imflammation, arthritis and apparently regenerates knee cartilage. Whoa. I feel like it keep me centered and positive and focused all through the day. When I wear it before yoga or meditation, I definitely feel that it deepens my practice. And it just smells amazing. 

So what are your vibey things you like to have around right now? Or do you maintain the vibes without little creature comforts? Let us know! And have an awesome day wherever you are. 


Morgan and Duquette

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Sep 5, 2014

Five Things I'm Shopping for Fall

mansur gavriel

 1. MANSUR GAVRIEL BAG. It's this season's "IT bag" but it's such a classic with durable leather and clean lines. I love this brand and look forward to seeing how they grow!

leopard jackets

2. SOMETHING LEOPARD. Every time cooler temps roll around I have this urge to don leopard print. It's powerful and sexy but classic at the same time. From left: MANGO leopard faux fur coat,  Manolo Blahnik Soussaba Leopard Calf Hair Flat and Vince Camuto leopard clutch

ankle boot

3. THE ANKLE BOOT. It's been a thing for a few years now and is obviously going nowhere. I mean, it's a staple of the cool girl's wardrobe. I love this season's spin on the new classic with studded embellishments and luxe materials like suede and hair. It's comfortable and edgy at the same time. Totally pulls together the jeans and t-shirt standard. Pictured here clockwise from top left: J.Crew collection Remi calf hair boot, Golden Goose zip ankle boot, Anine Bing gold studded boot and Lanvin ankle boots

stripe shirts

4. THE STRIPED SHIRT. It's the one thing that I am really obsessive over. I will go weeks in a row, rotating striped shirts. It's an obsession. Really. From top left clockwise: Proenza Schouler Striped Tissue Tee,  R13 Sid Striped Boy tee, R13 Striped Slub Cotton shirt, WOOD WOOD Adrian Striped longsleeve

black pointed flats

5. THE POINTED BLACK FLAT. I am obviously a big believer that a shoe can make an outfit. I love the look of a sexy heel, but I just can't work them into my lifestly. Enter the pointed toe black flat. It's sexy and pulled together and totally works with the jeans and tee, too. From top left clockwise: Chloe ballerina flat, Pierre Hardy Arletty flats, Lex Calf Hair flats, Chloe classic ballerina

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Jun 19, 2014

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. Seashells. Give me a shell on a necklace or a string of them or a handful to look at from time to time. I've always brought home shells from my oceanside adventures. And sometimes I just pull them out and play with them like a child. It's sensory transportation- I can smell the saltwater and sea life, taste the salt on the air, hear the rolling waves. It totally ties back to my childhood summers spent in a family beach house right on the ocean, listening to Beach Boys, riding my dad's Hobie sailboat and eating more crab than should ever be allowed. The 80s at the beach was a beautiful thing. Lots of mustaches and bright colors.

2. These old moccasins. I bought these soft soled Minnetonkas in Hot Springs, Arkansas six or so years ago. I've traveled the world in them, worked on many fashion and film sets in them and thought they were retired during my pregnancy. Nope, they're back in action and all I want to wear this Summer with everything. Despite the growing hole in the bottom of one!

3. This new music. So I've got my Summer jams: Armand Margjeka's Hummingbird, Lana del Rey's Ultraviolence, Strand of Oaks' Heal and the new WRAY record that comes out next month. Holy crap it's going to be a sexy, play it loud and drive with the windows down, get salty, get sunned Summer. (Click any of the links above to listen!)

4. Young Living Essential Oils. I've given up all medicines, perfumes, toothpastes and more because of this magical little stuff right here. Want to cure a tension headache? Apply some Aroma Siez, Stress Away and Valor. Need to detox your liver? Rub some lemon and peppermint on it. Want to cheer yourself up and turn on your man at the same time? Joy blend. I thought it was all insanity until I tried it, and now it's part of my daily rituals. I bathe in Frankincense (yes, seriously), wear Joy, Valor and Stress Away through the day instead of perfumes and fall into coma sleep with Peace&Calming. And there are a whole bunch more, but that's a whole other post. 

5. Henna. I have been loving images of women with tatted hands, nomad patterns and motifs especially. Even though I have a few tattoos (six precisely), I'm not the kind of woman to commit to finger tattoos. But I could totally get on board with some ornate henna. I love the look of the black dye but I'm pretty sure it's toxic and illegal in the US. Do any of you know anyone who does henna in Alabama? I'd be interested in it! (Image from here)

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Jun 11, 2014

Pinspiration: On the Edges

1/ these hands

2/ this lady

3/ this man

4/ this home

5/ this dome

Images: 1/2/3/4/5

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May 30, 2014

Lost and Found

Well it has been a while since I have contributed to our lovely blog. That will be changing and I will be posting more in the coming weeks and months. The time is flying past since Tennessee Wolf was born and I have not even wanted to be online. All I truly want to do is hang out with my son and write songs, which is actually mostly what I have been doing so I have zero complaints. But I did want to take a minute and mention a few items and videos to check out. 

1. First up are my friends and family from The Green Seed. They have a new album coming out this summer on July 15th from Communicating Vessels. The gentlemen from The Green Seed inspire me on so many levels and I am lucky to be on the same label as them. They premiered a new video this week for the track "Jude Law" off the upcoming album Drapetomania. The video was shot by Kris Daw and is a glimpse into the psyche of The Green Seed. 

 2. Summer is upon us and with the heat I seem to simplify what I am wearing even more than normal, especially adding the little cub to the mix. We have made a new no shoe rule in the house so getting in and out of a pair of shoes quickly is great, same for when you are traveling through airports. So my favorite is a pair of classic slip on Vans. I have worn vans since I was a child and I feel my son will be doing the same. 

3. I am not good at entering stuff into my phone. Occasionally I will use the note app and I am getting better at using my calendar. I do however always carry a notepad in my back pocket. I still prefer pen and paper, not sure why I just do. Sometimes I am using it for sketches, or lyrics or just a list for the store. A couple of years ago I started using the Doane Paper Products because I loved their graph/line combo notepads. Plus Chad Doane is just a cool man that loves him some vans and good music, how can you go wrong. My favorite are the garage series utility notebooks. Check out his whole collection. 

4. Summer in the south means you better be ready to sweat it all out. I actually love that about the south and believe it adds to the soul and the mystical presence of the south. That being said you have to choose your soaps and deodorants wisely. Since I was a kid in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming I have used Dr. Bronner's soaps, well my parents did back then and now I do for my entire family. Taking a shower after being out in the heat with some of their Peppermint soap is both cooling and invigorating. I will highly recommend to the gentlemen to use the Tea Tree Soap as it works as a natural antiseptic to cleanse your stank ass arm pits and other areas of bacteria which causes oder no one loves. Your wife will thank you as will your friends. 

5. To wrap it up for today I want to share an inspiring video from the fine folks over at Leica. They have a web series called "Let Us Roam" which is an ongoing short film series that shows stories about photographers, artists, filmmakers and musicians inside of the skateboarding culture. I wanted to share the short film on Ray Barbee. I always loved watching Ray skate so when I came across this short film where he discusses his life with his family and how they inspire him creatively was just perfect for the transition point I am at in life. I hope this inspires you to go out and be a positive force in this crazy world and to love your family even more. 



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May 28, 2014

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. RAQUEL ALLEGRA TEES. I am constantly searching for the perfect t-shirt. It's not a single Holy Grail situation. I think there are many, many perfect tees. It's the journey to finding them, obtaining them,  wearing them to a paper thin state and loving every day of it. And recently I obtained my first Raquel Allegra tee, thanks to my girl Chelsea over at H. Audrey in Nashville. It's top ten material, y'all. Thin but not sheer, I got the indigo dyed tee with raw edges. It drapes perfectly, making my shoulders look more toned and thin, arms look awesome and basically made me feel like an off duty supermodel. 

The Raw Edge Boxy T-Shirt, available online here, or call H.Audrey and see if they have any left on sale. (I totally snagged mine for $50 versus the original $215!) And if you're in Birmingham, go to Etc. in Mountain Brook Village for an extensive selection! 

2. STURGILL SIMPSON.  This record was cut in four days, sounds like real country Waylon style mixed with psychedelia and is just the best thing to come out so far this year. 

3. OLD TURQUOISE. When I was a kid, we spent a lot of time out West in New Mexico. Some of my favorite distant memories are of balloon festivals in Albuquerque, antique shopping in Taos and spending time with an old jewelry maker, Mary Rosetta of the Santo Domingo Pueblo. She baked us bread and let me pick apples from her small orchard. Over many, many years my parents collected many handmade pieces out West, which I have only begun to truly, deeply appreciate. It's really hot right now, I know. But it makes the jewelry and its history more accessible.


This squash blossom is INSANE. And it's for sale at Cadeau in Nashville's 12 South. 

This is my mother's that I have loved since I was a child. She's letting me "borrow" it for an undetermined amount of time. (Mom, you're never getting it back!)

Check out Gypsy Hunter for a great selection of rare, antique and reasonably priced turquoise pieces. 

4. YERBA MATE LATTES. Is this that important? YES IT IS. We have had kind of a health revolution in our house lately (more on that some other time) and I am kind of getting off the coffee. Yes, I need that first delicious cup in the morning but I don't want to sip or gulp on it all day long anymore. I went through a chai phase and then gave up sugar so that was done. And then I finally gave the Yerba Mate a try. My husband has been drinking Mate (pronounced mah-tay) for years. He likes it super strong and in large quantities that may induce hallucinatory states. Kidding. I think... Anyway, it's native to South America, comes from a shrub in the holly family, is traditionally drank from a gourd with a fancy straw, tastes like a smoky, woodsy delicious green tea and has lots of purported health benefits. So anyway, when I want a special treat, I head to my favorite coffee shop, Church Street Coffee and Books and get a mate latte "Duquette style": More mate than latte, with almond milk, a little honey and peppermint oil. It's one of my deepest pleasures. 

5. FOOT POWDER. I have notoriously stinky feet. I can't help it. Well, maybe I could but I simply refuse to wear socks with my sneakers. Without fail, my slip-on Vans or that favorite pair of Chucks turns into the World's Most Disgusting Smelling Shoes Ever. It is so bad that someone once threw away my fave Chucks while I was sleeping. Seriously. So we recently came across a solution that saved my shoes and the lives of people in close proximity- Cold Spring Apothecary Juniper and Cypress Foot Powder. I sprinkle it in my shoes before heading out the door and IT WORKS. Every time. I like the company. I like the packaging. I love the product. Check it out.

I LOVE hearing about what you are loving, so let us know!

Have a great day, y'all. xo.




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Dec 3, 2013

Tuesday Roundup/Five Things: Links Around the Web You Don't Want to Miss

We are heading out to a farm for the day to shoot a video and take some photographs that we will be excited to share with you this month! So for today, a roundup of some great stuff around the web. Love y'all, have an awesome day!

The world's smallest and most portable printing press, via Colossal. I want one.

These Glassbaby hand blown glass votives and candles are the most beautiful and extensive range of colors. And a portion of each sale goes toward a charitable organization. I want to have them all over my house. And I want to give them to everyone I know. Check out their site, it's super cool.

I mentioned yesterday how much Advent is meaning to me this year, and I look forward to having our son with us next year for our first Advent calendar. This is the one we will make!

If I had a cool $600 to drop on a gift for my husband, it would be spent this limited edition Audobon Society box set. His Grandpa Duke always had a bird book nearby and could tell you the name of the bird by a faint glimpse or hint of a call. 

Aaaaand my dream home, chez Julianne Moore. She's got impeccable style, y'all.

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Oct 31, 2013

Five Things: Halloween Edition

1. The Photography of Paul Koudounaris. This guy got unprecedented access to the tombs and catacombs of Europe, where the bodies of Saints have been enshrined in jewels for hundreds of years. Amazing. (Images via Colossal.)

2. Ted Muehling Candlesticks. Muehling found Beidermeier candlesticks at a flea market and, fascinated by them, began a long study in wood working and casting that sat on the shelf for ten years. The shapes are based on three organic shapes: the egg, the attenuated rod and the trumpet. I want.

Image via Remodelista.

Ted Muehling and E.R.Butler and Co. Biedermeier candlesticks, available here

3. Count Drizzle!!! Our friends at Imogene + Willie present this year's edition of Count Drizzle

 4. Time Lapse of an amazing pumpkin carving and its decay. Note: it took fifteen hours to carve!

5. And how is it Halloween without some skulls??
Originally from They All Hate Us.
Via Flickr.

And this is me, in costume for the first time in a decade!! Look at my baby!!!! 

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Sep 25, 2013

Four Things (not five)

I just got Photoshop and I am so excited! I haven't touched the program since version 6. Amazingly, I remember some basic things and I am just getting my toes wet. So today, instead of our regular Five Things, I am doing four. Have a great day, y'all!


Morgan and Duq

1. Via Pinterest.

2. Via Sapta-Loca.

3. Via Seanwes

4.Via Pinterest

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Sep 18, 2013

Five Things

1. Ceramics:

Striped terra cotta carafe set, by Carnevale at LEIF. I want this for the gurst bedroom's bed side table. 

Faceted boulder mug from LEIF. There's nothing quite as enjoyable as finding the perfect mug.

2. Black and Navy for Fall:

This is one of my favorite pairings ever, black and navy. For Fall and Winter it can take on so many different vibes: French inspired, all American, military slant...and it just breaks up a uniform of all black (for which I am notorious). And I love some gold zippers too.

Biker jacket from H&M

Small bag from H&M

3. ROPE:

Sailor knots via Country Calling.

Macrame wall hanging via The Six Week Boutique

4. This Danish home:

Fashion designer Michala Wiesneck's bedroom. 

The kitchen, both images via 79 Ideas

5. WOOD:

Via Wood Love.

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Sep 5, 2013

Five Things: In Between Summer and Fall

I love doing Five Things posts! It's that strange time between Summer and Fall when the temperatures can still be high but produce is starting to lean towards Fall, and you're craving pumpkin and F/W boots. At least I am. The following images kind of speak to this transitional mini season, with a direction toward cooler climes. 


Phillip Dixon House in California, here

Ibiza, via here


Acne Oxide Black Nappa Clutch, here

Annie Williams' Fall collection, here


The Historic King Room at the Wythe Hotel, here

Justine Hugh-Jones Designs, here


Sachajuan Ocean Mist, here

Byredo Gypsy Water Shower Gel, here


Peeta's Stuffed Cheese Buns, via Yammie's Noshery, here

Rosemary Butter Cookies, via Cupcakes and Cashmere, here

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Aug 14, 2013

Five Things

Hey Y'all!

It's been a while since we have done a Five Things post-- Five Things is a great way to just get your creative mind moving through visual inspiration. It's something I turn to when I am feeling tired or bored or disconbobulated. It's something we tell our clients to do to generate engaging content, to better communicate their culture or even to simply indentify what that is. It doesn't have to be long (or short). It doesn't have to be related (though I believe there is strong relationships between the five things on some level). And it doesn't have to be the pinacle of taste or interest-- that will emerge on its own if you're doing it with a good creative, open spirit.

Alright. My five things for now:

1. Algae Green:

Via Instagram user @damarcand, here.

"Swan Underwater," photo copyright of Viktor Lyagushkin

Photo via here

Green tiles and brass taps, via my Pinterest

"The End," via Kathryn Sutcliffe

2. Foxes:

Via here.

Via here.  

Via here

3. OLD Illustrations:

Hans Christian Anderson collage illustrations, via Le Divan Fumoir Bohemien

"George Washington" illustration by Pennsylvania Dutch artist in the style of medieval manuscripts. Via Schmookie.

A Brazilian capybara eating a banana, 1699. Via VIVRE!.

4. White Interiors and Wooden Furniture:

Via Fleaing France

Via Chicago Home Mag

Via Chris Barrett Designs

Home in Brazil, via 79 Ideas

5. Beautiful Food:

Pear Thyme Mimosa, via Glitter Guide

Purslane Pistachio Pesto, via Local Milk

Blueberry Galette, via Na Krachym Spodzie.

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Jul 17, 2013

Five Things: Summer Essentials

So far this summer has been very mild for the south, a rare treat. But now we are getting into the middle of July, the heat is increasing, the humidity is on the rise, and I dream of floating down my childhood creek, Clear Creek, in Buffalo, Wyoming or as we pronounced it CRIK. While I can not jump in Clear Creek right now I can let you know about a few items that are must haves for me during the summer heat.

1. Up first is my Imogene and Willie bandana. Of course I refer to these as Preacher Cloths. There is nothign better than a soft bandana to wipe away the sweat from your brow or dipping it in ice water and wearing around your neck.

2. Recently I ran out of the skin care line I had been using and I finally decided to pull the trigger on trying Ursa Major, after reading about them for sometime. WIth my order I got a couple of the face wipes to try out and now I'm hooked. It is perfect reboost for your face after an Alabama summer day and before going out into the warm southern evening, cleaning and rehydrating. More on this great company soon.

3. Next up is Malin and Goetz eucalyptus deoderant. I know both Morgan and I have mentioned it before, but this might be the best deoderant on the market. Yes the price is up there, but it last for months. No Aluminum, smells great, and the eucalyptus extract helps kill the bacteria which causes the summer funk, and we have all been guilty of that.

4. Most of my friends during the summer in Alabama are always on the hunt for a cold pool or creek to jump in. For most of us, except for the critters who prefer jorts, you need a great swimsuit. There are obvisouly many, many options, but why not support a great company like Apolis who are helping bring postive change to the communies around the world they work with on all of their products.

5. Finally, both men and woman can use a great straw hat to block the sun from scorching your head and keep the sweat from burning your eyes. This one from Sunbody is very similar to the one I wear. There is an abundance of options out there, but if you get through Nashville go pick one up from Gigi at Hatwrks and consider getting a custom made hat for the rest of the seasons.

What are your favorite summer essentials? Hope these help y'all stay cool this summer.



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