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Oct 7, 2015

Four Instagrams to Follow Right Now

1// @waynepate- Wayne Pate is an amazing artist with a really special illustrative style that captures 3D scenes and people in a beautiful flat and linear way. There's a softness and magical quality to it that reminds me a little of Monet's late work in the South of France. I don't know Wayne personally, but I also love that his name is Wayne and he seems to lack pretense. Check out his web site here

@thefamilyacid- This is such a rad story. This is a family, and the patriach, photographer Roger Steffens has been documenting his atypical life since the early 60s. His kids have been scanning all of his slides he has accumulated over the years, and it's this. The images are so striking, filled with beautiful colors, trippy scenes and a slice of life you're never going to see again. 

@dredrea- I am really fortunate to call this woman a soul sister of mine. Andrea Behrends is one of the most real, sensitively astute and crazy tough people I know. She documents EVERYTHING in film and manages to capture the soul of people, places, even the food in the front of her. She has a show up in Nashville right now that you should definitely check out. 

@melinahammer- I was fortunate enough to meet Melina and her husband, photographer Jim Lafferty in Birmingham, Alabama, where fate placed them for a brief period. I feel a deep connection to this really, truly unique woman though we only were able to spend quality time together on a couple occasions. She practices Iyengar yoga very devoutly. She takes walks and urban forages. She isn't afraid to talk about the depp recesses of the human experience in a way that bonds you to her. And she prepares and photographs and shares the most exquisite food on her blog Licking the Plate

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Jun 25, 2014

BAG DUMP: andrea behrends, one of my fave photographers in the world

So today's bag dump is special edition! One lady, two bags. Andrea Behrends and I met the first time at 3am at The Basement in Nashville after one of my husband's shows when I was nine months pregnant. She looked like a beautiful, badass lioness with a mane of thick golden hair, sultry eyes and a leather jacket I envied. In my memory, she had a film camera on her person in a casual, it's-just-an-accessory kind of way. The second time we met made us lifelong friends and sisters, over a five hour dinner with friends awaiting the arrival of their first child, talking about crazy love stories and alternative medicines and oils and ashrams, et cetera. I love this girl. And, by the way, she's one of my favorite photographers ever. Her portraits are particularly among my favorites. I'm convinced her really strong and focused and peaceful spirit brings out the REAL in a person. 


DAY BAG= All the stuff.

1. THE BAG. Vintage Coach Crossbody Saddle Bag. Given to me by my mom. I cherish the bag. (similar to here)

2. ESSENTIAL OILS KIT (Morgan's fault pretty much).

Lavender, Lemon, Valor, Peppermint, Stress Away from Young Living

Open Mind by Golden, my new fave local Nashville product, headaches leave within ten minutes of application.

3. PERFUME ROLL-ON. OLO "Palo Santo," I'm literally obsessed. 



6. SMITH'S MINTED ROSE LIP BALM. (available here)

7. iPHONE W/LUNATIK CASE. Best case ever, has a soft inner layer with a hard slipcase, super protective and all the cords you want to fit/do without case removal.

8. CHEAP SUNGLASSES. These aviators are from Urban Outfitters. I'm not allowed to buy any over $20 because I lose/scratch/destroy all sunglasses.

9. SNAKESKIN WALLET. Gift from my man, vintage.

10. KEYS

11. NOTEBOOK. Duh.

12. PENS. Always a Pilot Precise, always a Paper Mate in a fun color.

13. MAKEUP KIT/"OH MY GOSH I FEEL UGLY FIX IT" KIT. Morrocan Oil for hair// Mineral Fusion concealer// Benefit Watt's Up// Stila liquid eyeliner. I should note that Urban Decay's original primer+ Stila liquid liner= the MOST unstoppable combo. Like, wake up the next day and go to brunch with the same eyes good.)

NIGHT BAG= just the essentials. 

1. THE BAG. SE Sherrick Foldover Clutch (large) in Pebbled Black. Susan is a good friend and a lovely person. This clutch is soft and fits under the arm perfectly no matter how full. Perfect for a night out and lays flat so it foes with me no matter what. 

2. OTHER ITEMS. Snakeskin wallet/ Open Mind by Golden (see above)/ Perfume Roll-On (see above)/ Notebook and Pens (see above)/ Toothpicks/ Disposible Camera/ Lip Balm (see above)/ iPhone/ Cheap Sunglasses/Keys

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