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Nov 24, 2015

Creating space to create

We are really fortunate to have a home that is large enough to give both me and Duquette the space to create our art. Doing your work at home can be really difficult at times, hello resistance!, but if you can be disciplined and passionate about what you do, it's kind of an ideal situation. 

Duquette recently surprised me by turning our never used sunporch into my painting studio, which was simply the most loving gesture EVER. It's my most sacred space in our home. And I really wanted him to feel that same love, encouragement and sacred space for him to record from home. With some very creative rearranging of a junky bedroom, we created a space that has that hidden feeling. You know, a space that seems to transport you somewhere else, outside of the home vibe. And it's just what he needed. 

Duquette is someone who really appreciates having natural elements around him. It may be a rock he found twenty years ago in the Southwest. It could be a wild, curling branch that will bloom over time in a vase. There's palo santo sticks, fresh cut flowers from our garden, a piece of Alabama quartz. Having grown up in the mountains of Wyoming, my husband is part wild. It's in his blood. So it's something he needs to feel around him to create most naturally. 

A big part of transforming a space is, without a doubt, the art you surround yourself with. I get that! I'm an artist after all! As this space is all Duquette, I really wanted to get some art that really captured and captivated him in a meaningful way. So when reached out to see if I would like to order something from them, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to find something special just for my man. 

I selected two large photo prints by designer Lisa Cersovsky, based in Oakland, California. 

The first image, Lake Louise, is above Duquette's desk, pictured above. I love the color tone and the dream-like landscape. If you've ever seen a place like this in person, all it takes is a beautiful image to transport you back to that sensation of being so small compared the vastness of God's nature. 

The second photographic print I ordered is a companion piece, also taken by Lisa Cersovsky. I ordered a HUGE print of it sized 60"x44". It is STUNNING. It's also a pretty penny to get framed, so we will be building a custom frame for it. 

Duquette loves his space so much, and it is evolving and changing as if it's a living thing. You need life in a space to really feel connected to it. These photographs really have helped shape the space, the vibe, the intentions for Duquette to walk into the room, shut the door, be transported and to create. 

We really want to thank Minted for so generously allowing us to bring these prints into our home and for being a part of creating a sacred space. Their web site can be a little overwhelming with all the services and products they offer, so here's my shortcut: if you want a photographic print, click here. And if you want to see the next print I want to purchase myself in a HUGE size, click here. (I'm an ocean girl, through and through!)

While hooked us up with two amazing photographic prints, we did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are totally ours and we are just thankful to have been gifted such beautiful art and opportunities! xo Morgan and Duquette

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Sep 14, 2015

Duquette Johnston "It Was You," a living portrait


This past April, filmmaker Dillon Haynes joined us for a whole day start to finish, capturing the beauty, the simplicity, the joy of our little family. This song is really powerful. Duquette wrote it in the aftermath of the Aprill 2011 tornadoes, standing in the middle of a pile of rubble surrounded by people grieving deep, deep loss. There was the foundation of a house, an untouched armchair and a single wall, upon which someone spray painted "GOD BLESS THIS MESS." 

The song was written as if Duq and I lived in that home. If we had had a family. If we had experienced this loss, this change, this shift in life. And now four years later, we do have a family. We have experienced great challenges and have overcome them with some deeeeeep stretching and the letting go. (I will simply call it "the letting go.") 

And here we are, waking with the sun and our son. Chasing each other in circles, laughing, holding each other, kissing. This video will forever capture this brief moment in time-- that sunny day at the farmer's market, the long country drive, the unwinding of a blissfully simple day. 

We hope it reaches you with all the love, all the peace and all the hopes that you can find a moment to pause and fully be present with the ones you love.

So much love,

Morgan, Duquette and Tennessee

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Sep 15, 2014

Mother Monday: Life Lately

It was honestly like a dream. If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we have been preparing for the biggest show Duquette has ever played, with a fifteen piece band. A show like this, with an orchestra, has been a dream of his since he was a child and a dream of ours since we met thirteen years ago. Some people sit around and talk about what they would do if they won the lottery. We talked about what we would do if he got to play a show like this. And it happened this past Friday at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center in Birmingham, Alabama. It was beautiful. I just want to share some photos today leading up to it and of the hours before the show. 

Tennessee helped us pick out and pack up the many, many rugs for the stage set. 

Our boy had some milestone moments, too. We are exploring REAL FOOD. He loves sweet potatoes. Spinach is a little questionable. 

This one just because. Babies melting down can be pretty funny!

Load in and checking. That was a big part of our day. Duq was so calm and peaceful. 

Brother from another mother, Jon Murray. More checking. 

Green Room time before the show. Jon Murray and our dear buddy Anderson East. 

I was SO excited to walk backstage and see that the venue had set up a nursery for us. Our sweet friends Katie Deter and Hailey Farris hung out with Tennessee all day and backstage so we could all be together as a family. We tried to keep TWJ awake until his papa played a song, but he was straight up passed out at 7:30pm. Sound check is the way to go with babies. 

This is William, the son of two of our closest friends. They couldn't find a sitter so we stuck him in the nursery with sleeping Tennessee and miss Hailey (pictured) and Katie. 

This is our amazing holistic doc, Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh. She came to the show and came back stage to adjust us before Duq went on. Her presence is such a comfort and encouragement to us. This woman means so much to us. She saved my life after I had the baby and got sick, and she's really been an inadvertant mentor to us. We love you Dr.J! 

This is the full band from the sound board. It was so amazing. We are both still in that humming after shock of the whole experience. A film crew was there to make a concert film of the night, and we really look forward to sharing that soon! I'm really excited to share some new and exciting things this week. So check back tomorrow to see what we have brewing!

Love y'all, and thank you for the support, encouragement and love.

Morgan, Duq and Tennessee

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Jul 3, 2014

VIDEO: Made South

We connected a while back with Christopher Thomas of Made South via social media, following each other and liking posts. You know how it goes. When I was crazy pregnant and on bed rest, a couple of unexpected packages arrived in the mail. We opened them up to find a glorified goody box of Southern made goods (standout items included these peanut butter and jelly truffles that I ate in three seconds flat and a box of letterpressed notecards with Southern-isms on them). There was a kind note from Christopher and a warm feeling in our hearts. They're family people and in true Southern style, they're people who reach out with a kind gesture when you're going through a time. That package meant a lot to me when it came. (Y'all I was so pregnant.)

Made South is a subscription service that delivers a box of great regionally made products that you may not have a chance to experience otherwise. Their latest box in all about Summer- baseball, barbecue and a long shower after a sweaty day. 


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Jun 4, 2014

Videos To See: Birmingham's own GT and Wray

These videos are the JAM. And all these guys are great friends and Communicating Vessels family. And, just straight up, these songs feel like SUMMER. 

This is GT. They're insane. INSANE. And Scotty Lee, who is like this crazy legend, was the star of Duquette's "Dancing Song" video that did the rounds not long ago on MTV. 


And this is Wray, the super shoegaze, swirly project of David Swatzell (former member of Duq's Rebel Kings). They're out touring with the legendary Man or Astroman! this summer so check it

 Have a good one y'all.

Duq, Morgan and Tennessee.

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Jan 10, 2014

Friday Roundup: The Best of the Web This Week

We have had a great week here at Rugged and Fancy. 2014 is already shaping to be just an awesome year. I'm sticking strong to my daily challenges of taking a family photo a day (which Duquette has joined me in capturing) and creating a drawing a day. I feel so much more creative and alive and as though I have challenged myself to see things through new eyes. Cool stuff.

Duquette has been going into the studio and recording a lot lately, which thrills me to no end. It's kind of a new approach to recording, which he will share sometime soon. I have sat in on these recent sessions and it's the coolest thing ever for our unborn son to hear his daddy and to dance along with strong semblance of rhythm. I will always remember this. 

So here are some fun, inspiring, badass things around the web this week:

Dutch masterpieces are recreated using thousands of insect pins, glass, bugs, shells, anything and everything. I want to touch it. 

It's a palace made of crystal and makes me think of all my dreams as a child of living somewhere magical and hollographic. 

Did you know that there are no more light bulbs? Light bulbs are banned

There's almost nothing more perfect than taking a bath. Here is how you do it

There is just so much I love about this one...but mostly it's these two ladies: Bleubird and Jessie Baylin.

Aaaaand everybody wants perfect messy, sexy, mermaid, cool girl's how to do it.

We hope y'all have a great weekend. We are having our baby shower tomorrow and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to share all the details!

Love y'all,

Morgan, Duq and Tennessee Wolf

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Nov 21, 2013

Friday Roundup: The Best of the Web This Week

Happy almost weekend! And going into Thanksgiving week, this is just getting to be my favorite time of year! We are heading up to Nashville late this weekend and to hang around Monday and Tuesday before heading home for Thanksgiving and Duquette's birthday next Friday! Duquette and his full band with string section are playing a totally FREE show at The Basement on Monday night at 7PM. Y'all come out and say hey. And I am super excited because this may be the last trip I get to take before becoming a mama. Holy crap. In the best way possible. 

So here's what I have been digging on the web this week! Did I miss something awesome? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

I am totally buying this book for all my girlfriends this Christmas!

Camp Wandawega, a bunch of the coolest men you will ever encounter, beer, food, GOODBEERBUCKSHOT #2.

Duquette's new video for "Dancing Song" premiered this week and it features wild man artist Scotty Lee, Duq as a barber, me very pregnant and a stowaway rabbit.

The FACE-O-MAT is an analog photo booth and it traveled around the world making the best portraits ever

Weld wrote an article about us.

And today is the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination.

Y'all have the best weekend ever. We love you. Spend time with the people you love and be thankful. We are so blessed. 


Morgan, Duq and Tennessee

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Oct 28, 2013

Oh Sweet Nothing...

I think we all have a handful of musicians who deeply effect our lives, the musician that helped us through a hard time or painted the soundtrack to our lives or was just so damn cool. Lou Reed was my all of the above.

I don't know why I am just so bummed about this. I kind of feel the way I did in the early nineties when, at the age of nine, I saw Kurt Loder announce that Kurt Cobain had died. It made me feel strange and sad, and I knew that the course of music would change a little because of his absence. I will always remember that moment, and now I will always remember hearing my husband yell the news of Lou Reed from across the house while I sat in bed, super pregnant and just felt so bummed. 

Anyway, I want to share a video that someone captured a few years back while Duquette was on a house tour. I had begged him for years to cover Velvet Underground for me and he did it when I wasn't there to watch. Thanks to This Is American Music guys for being there to capture and share this.

Farewell, Lou Reed. And thank you for everything you did.


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Oct 24, 2013

Mountain Child, a benefit tonight.

Tonight, 7PM sharp at 212 24th Street North BHAM... Mountain Child is a really great humanitarian organization that provides aid to children of the Himalayas.  A group of people are traveling to Nepal to hike for days up into the mountains to provide food, medical aid, education and love to children who have a 50% chance of survival to their eighth birthdays. (If you want to help out but cannot attend tonight, just click here to donate online!)

So come out tonight and help get these people to the other side of the world. Help to help people. Duquette Johnston will be playing a very rare set of songs from unreleased albums with a special appearance from Caleb Chancey of War Jacket, The Clay States and Wilder Adkins

And afterwards, we will all head to Bottletree Cafe to see Langhorne Slim and Jonny Fritz.

Love y'all. Have a good one. Be kind to each other. Practice love and not violence.

Morgan, Duq and Tennessee

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Sep 13, 2013

Friday Roundup and an Anniversary!

Happy Fifth Anniversary to my soul mate, my best friend, my partner, my Baby Daddy-- I have loved that man since I was a teenager and he was this crazy musician I kept running into. We have been through so much together and it just keeps getting better. Five years ago today, we drove into Birmingham from having played a music festival in Nashville, went to our friends' house and walked out and got married in front of about 30 people. It was magical and the best decision I ever made.

+My greatest discovery this week is Isabella Rose Taylor, a 12 year old from Austin who has designed a clothing collection that I COVET. Seriously. Know her.

+You know those sexy, sexy perfume bottles that you covet without ever having smelled them? Check out Byredo's newest, rarest addition at Into the Gloss.

+Our friends at Imogene+Willie talk about how friendships are born on the leather couch and introduce Wilkins, the man and the denim jacket. 

+I have spent years trying to perfect the carryon bag. A Pair & A Spare has the best carryon packing list I have ever seen.

+Our buddies at Bearings Guide illustrate the basics of dove shooting and also how to shine your shoes.

+"Show Me Your Stack," the best web site category ever. 

+"Night Animals," a photographic series of animals in streets at night that has that creepy vibe and Postscript's explanation of J.K. Rowling's new project, a film about the guy that wrote a Hogwart's textbook. 

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May 17, 2013

Rabbit Runs a Destiny

If you know us, or know my husband Duquette Johnston, you know we have spent the past year and a half working on his first new full length record in three years, "Rabbit Runs a Destiny." I say "we" because it has been a family affair between us as husband and wife, Armand Margjeka of Pipe and Gun, the family at Communicating Vessels, a group of the most talented musicians from around the country, Pledge Music, Peter and the entire Toolshed Media family, Standard Deluxe, Matt Lane Harris, Jason Hamric, and our community, including all of you.

Being a musician today, or the partner of a musician is hard. It's not all glamorous and it's definitely not as easy as just writing, recording, touring. You have to work really, really hard and really believe in your calling and your message, and lay everything on the line for it. It's scary. It's stressful. It's the most laborious thing you could imagine. But it's gratifying and emotional and exciting, too. But you do it because it's something you believe in. It's scary, but it's exhilerating, and it can only come from a place of true belief and dedication. 

Part of what is making it really meaningful for us is partnering with Pledge Music. Maybe you're familiar with crowdsourcing platforms, like Kickstarter or Pledge Music. It's a really exciting, kind of new way for musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, organizations to raise money to fund their endeavors by asking YOU to partner with them in making something come to fruition. By investing in someone or a project, you become a part of the community surrounding it, with some really cool incentives, personal updates, and essentially a stake in a project's success. 


We chose Pledge Music as the platform for getting "Rabbit Runs a Destiny" out there because we get to partner with an organization, giving 10% of our money raised to Pablove Foundation, who fights childhood cancer with love.  It is something really important to us. We believe in giving, and Pablove is something really close to our hearts. Why? Pablo Thrailkill Castelez was five when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In the year that he fought that battle before losing his life, we followed the blog that documented his journey and his family's journey. It was personal and honest and invited total strangers from around the globe to become a part of that journey. It touched us and spoke to some really personal places in each of our lives: Duquette's childhood mentor fought cancer for decades and he witnessed a dear friend's little brother valiantly fight and succumb to cancer at only 17. For me, I befriended a girl when we were five and she already had cancer. It was a part of our friendship. She passed away a year later. I also lost both of my grandparents to cancer, the people who raised me and I looked up to the most. Pablove is a legacy and is helping and changing many, many lives, and we want to do anything we can to ensure they get to keep doing this.

And it's that same sentiment that we come to you with. We need your help to keep doing what we do, what Duquette does, and in turn, we get to help others. Something I have learned in this year long process is that you can't rely on the notion that someone else is going to do it. If you want to see something happen for someone else, you have to get up, take part of it, and help. With the convenience of technology and the ease that it offers us to do things, we need to actually take the 30 seconds to retweet, email, follow a link, click the button. I've been guilty of putting it off until later, telling myself that there's someone else doing it so it's okay if I don't. No, it's not okay.

We need community, all of us. And there's something so exciting about having actually played a part in it. Take pride in it. Take ownership in it. Build a relationship. Just like we feel this way about partnering with Pablove, we want you to partner with us. Because we need you. 

And here is how you can help:

Become a part of this record, our life, and Pablove via Pledge Music, here.

Tell people about it via Facebook, Twitter, email, word of mouth.

Follow Duq on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (@rebelking) and retweet and repost stuff!

And here is some free stuff for you:

Free Rebel King EP on Noise Trade, here

Free  download of song "Rabbit Runs a Destiny" on NPR, here.

We thank you so deeply, for your support, encouragement and belief!

With so much love,

Morgan (and Duquette, too)

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Jan 29, 2013

Rebel King EP

Today is a really special day for us here at Rugged and Fancy... Duquette has spent the last year writing, recording, fine tuning, and planning for the release of his new album, Rabbit Runs A Destiny (to be released mid 2013). Today, a special three song EP is available on Noisetrade, featuring one song off the new album and two reworked, full band, crazy versions of songs off of his acoustic record, Rugged and Fancy.

It's available on Noistrade for FREE. Did I mention that? Yep, it's free. Noistrade is such a cool way to release music and to be the music consumer. Download anything and everything artists release to Noistrade, and if you feel like it, want to, or can, leave a tip for the artist. 

We aren't in the business of making tons of money. I mean, he's a musician and I'm an artist. But we really care about sharing with you the gifts that we have been blessed with. I'm pretty objective about his music, and this new body of songs are pretty mind blowing. Genre defying, feel good, makes you dance as if you have no control over yourself, joyful, and bold. 

JOYFUL and BOLD are our two words of the year. (Last year it was YES and NOW). So I hope this reaches you with joy and that you boldly tell everyone you know about it!

Love y'all!


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Nov 29, 2012

Birthday Boy!!

Today is a very special day...forty years ago today, Mr. Daniel Duquette Johnston was born! He has no idea I am posting any of this and I love it!!! Duquette and I have been together almost eleven years, partners in crime, best friends, husband and wife (for four of those years). We have seen ups and downs, but we know that we can face ANYTHING. And we give all the glory to God for all of it. It's easy to portray yourself a certain way in the world, especially with the Internet, but I can honestly say that the man who presents himself through his music, his words and images, THAT is the REAL Duquette. I'm thankful every day that we have together, whether they're amazing days or kind of tough ones. 

So here are a bunch of photos that I've dug up, showing you a little bit more of the birthday man! There are some gaps in there, for sure. But it's a good look at a good life. 

I LOVE YOU! Morgan.

That's little D on the far right, a glimpse of his very real childhood in the Big Horn Mountains.

Duq is on the left, with his childhood best friend John O. Their families had ranches in Wyoming. And they got in SO much trouble.

Proof that he really did learn to ski at the age of three.

A lifelong story of breaking bones!

He had style at a very young age, yes. Even if he's wearing an Auburn sweater.

How rocking is this outfit?!? He would wear this very thing today. And stand the same way in the pic.

This is around 1997. Duq and Zuko, his loyal dog that traveled with him everywhere.

Duq used to wear a t-shirt with this image of himself on it. It was kind of legendary. I wish we still had it!

This photo was taken by Ted Newsome. It's Duq heading up his band Cutgrass. 

And here he is hanging from the rafters at The Nick. He was a bit of an instigator at one time.

I think this pic is from the Blake Babies tour.

Sadly, there aren't many pictures of us together from the first three or four years of our relationship. But this pic is really special as it was our first REAL Christmas together.


This is my FAVORITE picture of my man. I told you he was a showman.

Fast forward many years...this is Duq and his first sculpture in a collective show at Bare Hands Gallery.

The man in his element, a rare Alabama snow.

2010? 2011? At the Addy's.

The man. And the beard.

We are known to pull off of old country highways and marvel at bathing cows.

Duquette and our little Gigi, down in Waverly at Standard Deluxe.

The Gum Creek Killers playing at Standard Deluxe.

After the show. Love it. (And that's a Billy Reid shirt, if you're wondering.)

We took up bowling at a treasure of a place, Pine Bowl. Real wood lanes, Skeeter Davis on the juke. Best patty melt ever.

You put him in a field and he'll strip down.

One of the only men who can handle driving the Communicating Vessel.

Playing and filming at Billy Reid in Florence, Alabama.

Fon Fon, always Chez Fon Fon. Forever.

Duq, accompanied by the Wizard and an Eagle Scout.

Duquette and his three children, Blue, Pagoda, and Gigi.

There comes a point when there are too many pics, right? WRONG.

In the old Pipe and Gun Studio.

Playing in a 200 year old furnace boiler room. 

Duq and his boy Blue.

Shooting BB Guns off the mountain at my parents' house. I totally schooled him.

Exploring in Paducah, Kentucky. Sadly, there isn't a chili parlor anymore.

Isn't he purdy in that there golden sunshine?

Again, Chez Fon Fon and the look of luhhhhhhhv.

So there it is! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUSBAND. I LOVE YOU. xo magoo.

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Oct 26, 2012

Wigginstock 2012!

Hello from the deep woods of Mississippi! It's almost Halloween, which means we are camped out for one of the greatest gatherings of musicians and fans and patrons and just all around GOOD PEOPLE. So we have put together a playlist of the music happening down here in Wiggins, MS and a few extras that live well in the mix. Go eat a fried apple on a stick. We're going to and have a beautiful, blessed weekend.


Duq and Morgan

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Oct 22, 2012


Hey Y'all. Sometimes life gets ya. And you may lose touch with the things you love and do. And it's okay, just get back up, brush yourself off, and do stuff. With that said, here is the greatest video ever made. Ever. Literally. It's the sound of the easy roll, the getting back up, the stumbling but not falling for good, the weekends that last four days (and maybe five); it's friends. It's family.

Like I said, we are back. Love y'all. Morgan and Duq

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Aug 27, 2012

Billy Reid Shindig 2012 Recap: Day One

We have returned from one of our favorite weekends of the year! And, man, I need a weekend to recuperate from the sun, the sounds, the chef made meals that met me wherever I roamed. Let me tell you, Billy Reid knows how to throw a party. 

Rugged and Fancy was asked by our friends at Billy Reid to curate a playlist for Friday night's "Seafood Fare," a celebration of Gulf Seafood, prepared by Chef Chris Hastings, who just so happened to bring home the 2012 James Beard "Best Chef in the South" award.

This is kind of the year for Alabama seafood, y'all. Chef Hastings has such a mastery of seafood, straight from the Gulf. This wonderful image here is from Big Communication's Alabama Seafood campaign, that our great friend, Matt Lane Harris designed. 

And these are the Billy Reid Tshirts in support of the cause!

The Shindig setup was amazing-- the bands played to huge crowds in the park, while Shindig guests stuffed themselves with the most amazing spread. The heat was far more bearable than last year. The mosquitoes were forgiving, granting us a night off from West Nile paranoia to enjoy a night of revelry. The food, the music, and the fashion were the high the points, of course, but the biggest sentiment you felt flowing through the whole weekend was that you were among your long lost friends and family. That this was a reunion, and that you were going to cut loose in the grandest of ways. 

These are the young gentlemen from The Weeks, who call Mississippi home. Duquette has played a few shows with them and has told me of their rockin/rollin/getdown style. I am just obsessed with them, literally down to their shoes. Go check them out. 

Here are some pics of their tattoos, which they have all gotten together as different incarnations of the band, and their jewelry.

Twin brothers!

His Granddaddy's buffalo nickel ring.

That is a carved deer antler, picked up from a reclusive man in the Mississippi Delta. Jewelry stories don't get much better than that.

From the Seafood Fare, we all walked three blocks to the Shoals Theater for the SOLD OUT Alabama Shakes/ Johnny Corndawg show. What. A. Show. 

Check out the Shakes HERE.

And Corndawg, HERE. Do it.

The stage was dressed with the Alabama state flag and Butch Anthony's phenomenal chandeliers. If you don't know about Butch Anthony, stop everything right now and follow that link. He's a Southern TREASURE. And huge props to Shelly Colvin, for the stage design and a myriad of other details in the Shindig. She's a dear friend of ours, amazing musician and a part of Billy Reid, dressing the likes of Mumford and Sons and Bon Iver in threads for events.

Men of Style: Duquette Johnston, Matt Eddmenson of Imogene and Willie, and Nick (who I saw a lot, but didn't get to talk to much). 

This is Erin from the Imogene and Willie family, a Florence native and trooper for wearing those shoes ALL night!

This man was operating the beer stand in the theater. You can't see all the amazing turquoise hanging around his neck. He's bold and amazing. And our friend Matt swears that he's a former wrestler.

After the show, guests went to the After Party, treated to the sounds of Wild Cub, project of Keegan DeWitt and the tastes of food trucks lined down an alley, including our favorite from Birmingham, SHINDIGS! Man, that burger and truffle fries at midnight? AMEN.

And so went day one of Shindig. And one more enormous shout out--to Miss Sarah Trapp of the Billy Reid family and my sister from another mister! She made things flow and go so seamlessly the whole weekend. If you go to the Florence store, ask for Sarah and she'll treat you right. And tell her Rugged and Fancy sent you. You'll be family in no time, too.

Come back tomorrow for Saturday's recap, but until then, here is our playlist from Billy Reid's parties-- all four hours for your listening pleasure. And we recommend listening on shuffle!


Morgan and Duquette

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Jul 23, 2012

Road Trip Roundup

Duquette and I have been longing for a road trip together, so when we got the invitation to my cousin Eric's wedding in Paducah, Kentucky, we said HECK YES. Second to the really high priority we put on family and the awesome celebration of love, we LOVE a road trip. It's part of our story, having trekked across the country together several times, seeing many a mountain range, many a wide open plain, many a great city, many a less than great city, and found some truly hidden gems.

Paducah, Kentucky is just one of those hidden gems. There's not much out there on the Internet about Paducah, other than it's the Quilting Capitol of the World (yes, that's right) and home to the National Quilt Museum, the largest fiber art museum in the world. Yep, you got it. There's also a rich Civil War history right in the downtown area that you can learn about in the Market House Museum.

But see, there's so much more! There is a momentous artists' relocation program, fully supported and encouraged by the city and federal government, aptly called the Artist Relocation Program. It's become a national model for using the arts for economic development, creating the Lower Town Arts District. Artists from all over the country have relocated to Paducah, where they can get a space (a historic building or Victorian home) for literally next to nothing. At one time the city was selling the properties for $1. The artist was required to restore the building up to historic code and live and work there. That's it. Phenomenal.

Historic downtown Paducah is a hotbed for antiquers, with streets lined with curiosity shops, antique malls, small boutiques, and old timey general stores. One of our favorites was Jeremiah's

The industrial part of town was also a favorite for us as we drove around taking photos of the incredible old signage, vintage cars, and more.

But I must say, our favorite part of the trip was our afternoon spent with leather artisan Philip Phillips of Dixie Leather Works! A real character himself and the greatest craftsman I have met to date, we are reserving a whole post for him that will go up tomorrow, so be sure to come back and check it out. Not to be missed. I assure you that. 

To tide you over and to give you a better picture of Paducah, we are giving you pictures! If you have any questions about what anything is, or if you're interested in any Paducah info, comment below!

Somewhere along the Tennessee/Kentucky border. There's something really special about speeding down Southern Interstates, windows down, music up, hair whipping, sweat rolling. You look out your windows and you see this everwhere, unadulterated. Amen.

The sweating and the hair whipping in my father's 1970s Ray Ban CATS. They weigh nothing and everything looks great through the amber lenses.

It's easy to keep driving when the sky is this big. You just want to chase the rays.

A lone wolf with some serious triceps. Digging the walking stick.

Duke outside the empty Happy's Chili Parlor on the outskirts of Paducah. We saw this old mural and HAD to stop for photos. A good portion of our weekend was guerilla style jumping in and out of the truck, snapping shots and hauling off. 

Future Home of Paducah School for the Arts, an amazing industrial building the size of a city block. This town's goodwill towards artists had us considering ways to up and move all weekend. Paducanites (not Paducians, much to my dismay) are just good hearted, eclectic people. It reminds me a lot of Dahlonega, Georgia, a small community (40,000 people, I believe), a couple industries, and a genuine effort in revival of the area and preservation of the arts.

Kentucky is a tobacco farming state and there were several great tobacco-related signs around town.

This old school has been converted into residential apartments. 

A barber's sanitation set we saw at Jeremiah's antiques. Didn't buy it, but liked the look of it. Duke is obsessed with barber history and tools.

Here's some more barber paraphenalia from a shop we went in, also located downtown. Good looking, huh?

Cousin Eric and his bride Chloe's wedding was at her grandmother Momo's garden. They're both artists and it absolutely captured their bohemian spirit. Mirrors hung around the fence line, antique furniture among the late blooming hydrangeas, flowers filling the pool, fireworks ringing through the air. It was a magical space, unlike anything I've ever seen. 

Duke in the sunset.

Eric and Chloe dance in the garden.

We guerilla stopped at the town's gorgeous old cemetary to take some photos of the mausoleums before heading back to Bama on Sunday.

On the outskirts of town, we came across this WILD used car lot that had this earthship teepee and a hell of a lot of 60s model cars that were just amazing. A little rusty, but dang! 

And here is our favorite baby on that lot. Those lines! Whoowee!

In true Rugged and Fancy style, we got off the Interstate and took a few less travelled routes. Okay, it was out of necessity as there were major bridge closings in both Nashville AND Huntsville. But it meant we got to travel backroads through Athens, Alabama and across the Tennessee River. And we got to see this. 

MJJ and Duke

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Jul 16, 2012

Welcome to Rugged and Fancy!

Welcome to the new home of Rugged and Fancy! We are so blessed to live our lives creating amazing things every day, whether it’s in production, jewelry, art, music, our community,  or with the incredibly talented people around us that we want to share the visions and stories and creations right here. 

There are a few things that we know you can expect- every Friday we will be posting a playlist here on the blog and Spotify to help carry you into the weekend. Our perfect Saturdays are spent spread out in front of our record player, surrounded by stacks of vinyl. We hope you dig the music, hear some treasured songs and find new favorites, and then go buy lots of vinyl! Here is a special edition playlist for our first post at the new site, and come back on Friday for another.

Another feature we will have here at Rugged and Fancy is profiling artisans, craftsmen, musicians, stylish people, movers and shakers, etc. And...there will be some special collaborations between Rugged and Fancy and some really gifted people that will be going in... the Rugged and Fancy STORE (launching very, very soon).

We are treating this space as a living place that will grow and change as we see fit and as YOU shape it, so please feel free to communicate with us! We are alive and well through the blog right here, email on the site, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. (To connect, check out the Widgets to the right.)

This week, join me as I blog a couple of road trips to a couple of different states, some sourcing trips, a fashion preview, and more.

Thank you all for joining us on this awesome adventure. And special thanks to David Blumberg, who did our amazing branding, Jason Hamric, my assistant Lindsay Lord,  Roni Nuby, and Andy Birdwell.

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