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Oct 22, 2015

My Fall Fashion Inspiration: Those Parisian Vibes

Gah, I am such a Francophile, especially once Fall rolls around. Give me smooth jazz and Francoise Hardy records. Give me trop coffee and novels set in Paris. It literally happens every Fall as the leaves begin to turn colors and the breeze gets chilly. And without fail, I start dressing like a French girl. Not ashamed. 


(these images via Pinterest.)

(This is a tear sheet from Vogue, I believe, that I have held onto for like five years. Because this seriously happens EVERY FALL.)


Paris girl vibes




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Jan 21, 2015

My Style Inspiration for 2015: THE FRENCH BURGLER

My wardrobe has gotten super minimal in the past several months. I've confidently come to the realization that I just love having a predominantly black wardrobe. It's been that way since I was a child. Seriously, ask people I went to junior high with-- I've always worn black. Depending on my mood and the weather I may add in a white top, something grey and usually something striped, but it's a super minimal palette to simplify my process, make me feel chic, put together and powerful and cuts out so much noise. 

So with my constant rotation of black pants, favorite black tops and sweaters, a perfect leather jacket or pea coat, a beanie or fedora and motorcycle boots, black flats or brogues... both Duquette and I have concluded that my ultimate style inspiration is that of a French burglar. 



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