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Jan 13, 2016

2016: it's the year to THRIVE

Painting by Morgan Jones Johnston @ruggedandfancy. From the collection of Jana and Miller Mobley.

I don't believe in resolutions, but I do believe in setting intentions. At the end of every year, I like to make a list of the milestones that transpired in that 12 months. I use that list to take a look at my path, the course I am on and to start setting goals, intentions, shaping my dreams. It doesn't necessarily have to be January 1st. 

It begins the moment you turn down the noise and turn inward to hear and see what it is you really want for your life. 

For me, this is the year that I confidently plow forward in my dreams for Rugged and Fancy and for my family. I'm letting go of fear, and I am joyfully doing the hard work to see my wild dreams come to fruition. Here's the thing, we can spend hours on Pinterest and Instagram "liking" and "repinning" the life of our dreams. But it's just that-- a dream. Until you start doing the thing you love, it is not quite YOUR reality. 

This year I am going deep and doing the work. 

So what's up with Rugged and Fancy? I am thrilled and so grateful to say that I have very successfully been growing my art. I ended last year with many commissioned paintings, a near sell out show at West Elm and I am prop/lifestyle styling A LOT for some amazing brands like Food & Wine, Real Simple, Cooking Light, Southern Living and more. 

I have taken a step back from the blogging here, which simply means I am going to be posting once a week-ish versus every single day. It takes a lot of work, a lot of time that I would prefer to spend making art or being with my family. BUT- I love sharing things here and that'll never change. 

The look of this space will be changing as I start shifting, but it'll be something that really well captures the spirit and intention of me and this space. 

And as always, you can still find me in these places...

Follow me on Instagram, where I post most everything that I am doing and loving.

Follow me on Snapchat (username is ruggedandfancy), where you get the real behind the scenes of day to day life (it can be mundane, but it is very, very real).

And there's Facebook and Pinterest, too if that's your POC (platform of choice).

How are you feeling about 2016? Can you feel the good energy building for this year?? Here are a few photos of life lately. 

So much love,


Mise en place for a video shoot for Time Inc.

I affectionately refer to this as the "Hanging Tree." It's where I let my indigo oxidize. So much more indigo goodness coming soon.

I am also really excited to be adding MOON CARDS to the web site too!

Part of the gallery wall of my paintings at West Elm. Also, THAT LAMP. I want and need that lamp in a dozen ways. And the driftwood is so pretty next to it, right? You know I styled that mess, haha. 

My amazing husband, Duquette Johnston. Man. We just make each other shine brighter in the world. I know that's rare and spectacularly beautiful. 

I started 2016 with friends and teachers in a 2 hour intention setting asana (practice). It was amazing. I AM STARTING TEACHER TRAINING IN TWO MONTHS AND AM SO EXCITED. That's my teacher Kim beside me of Here Now Yoga. She is currently in Ecuador, leading a yoga retreat in the Galapagos Islands. Follow her Instagram right now. 

Serious color inspiration for Spring, from a shoot last week for

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Sep 23, 2015

National Yoga Month and Global Mala 2015

This past Saturday was Global Mala, an incredible free community event to bring several hundred people together on top of Vulcan Park to do 108 sun salutations together with a collective spirit of love and peace and community. It was my second Global Mala here in Birmingham and represents one full year of having practiced yoga with sincere intentions of self love, healing, love, peace and change within myself and my impact in the world around me. I think I have struggled my whole life in finding community. I think I fancied myself a lone wolf. What I have learned through connecting with the community here is that we need each other. We need deep connection with people and causes as much as we need simple connection of eye contact and a smile. All these things are equally important. 

While Global Mala is a one time a year event, it is a fundraiser with an impact that goes year round. Sweet Om Alabama is the non profit organization that gives Global Mala to the community and is the organization that provides yoga programs and training to underserved populations around the community. Basically, yoga changes lives, and there are a lot of people who need it and may not have access to it or even know what it is. Sweet Om Alabama is dedicated to changing that. 

Below are some photos from Global Mala 2015. Be sure to check out Sweet Om Alabama and consider making a donation. 

The early comers getting set up in prime spots overlooking our city.

There was a turnout of over 400 people! It ended up looking like a patchwork sea of beautiful bright colored yoga mats. 

Me and my dear friend and teacher Kim Drye of Here Now Yoga. I am doing her teacher training program. I love her so much. 

These two ladies pictured here, Emilie Maynor of Emilie Maynor Living and Annie Damsky of Villager Yoga (and president of Sweet Om Alabama) are HUGE parts of my yoga journey. I am forever grateful to them for the connection we had so early on in this path and for their love and mentorship and direction. They do an AMAZING series called 40 Days to Free that will change your life

Y'all, I can't help but take note of yoga fashion. I am preparing for a year of teacher training, and I preparing to wear yoga clothes basically for a whole year. And y'all know I care about it looking good. There's nothing wrong with that. Yoga wear has come a long, long way since wearing pajama pants to class. 

That's Kim. I love her yoga style. 

I love all the wild strap action you see these days. 

And this woman laughed at me when I asked to take her photo, but this is just gooooood and fun. 

And what did I do after all that action?? I went and got an almond milk Yerba Mate latte from Church Street and came home to the welcoming arms of my husband and bacon he had all ready for me. That's love.

So much love you guys


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