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Oct 7, 2015

Four Instagrams to Follow Right Now

1// @waynepate- Wayne Pate is an amazing artist with a really special illustrative style that captures 3D scenes and people in a beautiful flat and linear way. There's a softness and magical quality to it that reminds me a little of Monet's late work in the South of France. I don't know Wayne personally, but I also love that his name is Wayne and he seems to lack pretense. Check out his web site here

@thefamilyacid- This is such a rad story. This is a family, and the patriach, photographer Roger Steffens has been documenting his atypical life since the early 60s. His kids have been scanning all of his slides he has accumulated over the years, and it's this. The images are so striking, filled with beautiful colors, trippy scenes and a slice of life you're never going to see again. 

@dredrea- I am really fortunate to call this woman a soul sister of mine. Andrea Behrends is one of the most real, sensitively astute and crazy tough people I know. She documents EVERYTHING in film and manages to capture the soul of people, places, even the food in the front of her. She has a show up in Nashville right now that you should definitely check out. 

@melinahammer- I was fortunate enough to meet Melina and her husband, photographer Jim Lafferty in Birmingham, Alabama, where fate placed them for a brief period. I feel a deep connection to this really, truly unique woman though we only were able to spend quality time together on a couple occasions. She practices Iyengar yoga very devoutly. She takes walks and urban forages. She isn't afraid to talk about the depp recesses of the human experience in a way that bonds you to her. And she prepares and photographs and shares the most exquisite food on her blog Licking the Plate

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Apr 4, 2015

Ladies who lunch: Melina Hammer's Chickweed Scramble

I grew up telling myself that I was a "guy's girl," convincing myself that I just had better friendships with guys than gals. I think I told myself this after several failed female friendships going as far back as childhood. It created a pattern for me, so naturally I began to seek out female friendships that were just simply doomed to be toxic for one reason or another. I then began telling myself that I had notoriously bad judgment about women. Man, the patterns we set ourselves up for!

So in my recent efforts to become a more loving, peaceful, giving human in this world, I have resolved to spend more time cultivating beautiful relationships with people around me, especially female friendships. I used to tell myself that femininity was weakness and silly. That to be strong, I needed to be more masculine, powerful, intimidating. That is such a lie, for me anyway. I think we can each become more powerful women by tapping into ancient femininity, peaceful power and love. 

I really believe that women need other women. I don't know how to verbalize it yet, but it has something to do with something ancient and older than all of us. Something to do with wisdom, spirituality, rites of womanhood and motherhood. Something to do with the cosmic nature of things, gentle power and sensuality. It is support. It is tribal. It is something about universal love and acceptance-- these things could start with women. Come on, that's super powerful and so cool.

So all of this is to say that I had a couple of girlfriends over the other day to simply share beautiful, health supporting delicious food, to sit outside and enjoy the sunlight, conversation and each other's company. Each of these ladies are total brilliant, talented and beautiful women who I am so glad I am connecting with on a deeper level by simply being open to new energies, new possibilities and letting myself be open to giving up my "alone time" and being open to new people, new things. 

Today Melina Hammer, photographer, stylist, recipe developer, Iyengar yogini, is sharing this easy "recipe" for Chickweed Scramble. Chickweed is a beautiful sign of Spring and that the soil is really fertile and ready for the new season. High in minerals and vitamins, you can use chickweed in a culinary capacity as an alternative to a Spring green or spinach. 

Pictured here, Melina has rinsed the fresh chickweed, plucking off the flowering tips and is simply separating it. Super easy.

For the scramble:

1/ Rinse a handful of salt-packed capers under cold water and shake or pat dry. Over medium-high heat, fry capers in a glug of good olive oil until the buds pop and become golden, stirring occassionally. About five minutes. Transfer to a plate.

2/ Use two or so pasture-raised eggs per person. Crack them into a bowl, beat eggs, add freshly cracked pepper, and if you have herbs you'd like to use (like parsley, chervil or dill), add half in now. Using a heavy bottomed skillet over medium-low heat, melt coconut oil or butter. Pour in the egg mixture. After about a minute, swirl the eggs using a rubber spatula and making sure that with each swirl you scrape the bottom of the pan. Keep the eggs moving around so that they remain a custard quality, rather than hardening up into separate curds. They should take less than five minutes start to finish.

3/ Empty the still creamy eggs into dishes and top with the remainder of herbs or serve alongside tender greens, such as chickweed, a juicy Spring favorite. 

4/ Add a few avocado wedges and top all with a scatter of fried capers. Enjoy this elemental, bliss-filled meal!

*** We added a couple brined caperberries on top since I have never had one before. Strange little tangy treat. There's the faintest sweetness to it that's tempered by the tart brininess, and the texture is great. 

We were so caught up in enjoying the moment and each other's company that I totally failed to take pretty pictures of the afternoon. So here are my girlfriends, mid sentence, mid bite, mid Instagram! By the way, you should totally follow Melina on Instagram @melinahammer. Talk about INSANE INSPIRATION! And check out this piece about uses of capers that Melina did for Food 52, here

Enjoy this beautiful Springtime. Spend quality time with people. Experience life.



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