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Nov 24, 2015

Creating space to create

We are really fortunate to have a home that is large enough to give both me and Duquette the space to create our art. Doing your work at home can be really difficult at times, hello resistance!, but if you can be disciplined and passionate about what you do, it's kind of an ideal situation. 

Duquette recently surprised me by turning our never used sunporch into my painting studio, which was simply the most loving gesture EVER. It's my most sacred space in our home. And I really wanted him to feel that same love, encouragement and sacred space for him to record from home. With some very creative rearranging of a junky bedroom, we created a space that has that hidden feeling. You know, a space that seems to transport you somewhere else, outside of the home vibe. And it's just what he needed. 

Duquette is someone who really appreciates having natural elements around him. It may be a rock he found twenty years ago in the Southwest. It could be a wild, curling branch that will bloom over time in a vase. There's palo santo sticks, fresh cut flowers from our garden, a piece of Alabama quartz. Having grown up in the mountains of Wyoming, my husband is part wild. It's in his blood. So it's something he needs to feel around him to create most naturally. 

A big part of transforming a space is, without a doubt, the art you surround yourself with. I get that! I'm an artist after all! As this space is all Duquette, I really wanted to get some art that really captured and captivated him in a meaningful way. So when reached out to see if I would like to order something from them, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to find something special just for my man. 

I selected two large photo prints by designer Lisa Cersovsky, based in Oakland, California. 

The first image, Lake Louise, is above Duquette's desk, pictured above. I love the color tone and the dream-like landscape. If you've ever seen a place like this in person, all it takes is a beautiful image to transport you back to that sensation of being so small compared the vastness of God's nature. 

The second photographic print I ordered is a companion piece, also taken by Lisa Cersovsky. I ordered a HUGE print of it sized 60"x44". It is STUNNING. It's also a pretty penny to get framed, so we will be building a custom frame for it. 

Duquette loves his space so much, and it is evolving and changing as if it's a living thing. You need life in a space to really feel connected to it. These photographs really have helped shape the space, the vibe, the intentions for Duquette to walk into the room, shut the door, be transported and to create. 

We really want to thank Minted for so generously allowing us to bring these prints into our home and for being a part of creating a sacred space. Their web site can be a little overwhelming with all the services and products they offer, so here's my shortcut: if you want a photographic print, click here. And if you want to see the next print I want to purchase myself in a HUGE size, click here. (I'm an ocean girl, through and through!)

While hooked us up with two amazing photographic prints, we did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are totally ours and we are just thankful to have been gifted such beautiful art and opportunities! xo Morgan and Duquette

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Jan 10, 2014

Friday Roundup: The Best of the Web This Week

We have had a great week here at Rugged and Fancy. 2014 is already shaping to be just an awesome year. I'm sticking strong to my daily challenges of taking a family photo a day (which Duquette has joined me in capturing) and creating a drawing a day. I feel so much more creative and alive and as though I have challenged myself to see things through new eyes. Cool stuff.

Duquette has been going into the studio and recording a lot lately, which thrills me to no end. It's kind of a new approach to recording, which he will share sometime soon. I have sat in on these recent sessions and it's the coolest thing ever for our unborn son to hear his daddy and to dance along with strong semblance of rhythm. I will always remember this. 

So here are some fun, inspiring, badass things around the web this week:

Dutch masterpieces are recreated using thousands of insect pins, glass, bugs, shells, anything and everything. I want to touch it. 

It's a palace made of crystal and makes me think of all my dreams as a child of living somewhere magical and hollographic. 

Did you know that there are no more light bulbs? Light bulbs are banned

There's almost nothing more perfect than taking a bath. Here is how you do it

There is just so much I love about this one...but mostly it's these two ladies: Bleubird and Jessie Baylin.

Aaaaand everybody wants perfect messy, sexy, mermaid, cool girl's how to do it.

We hope y'all have a great weekend. We are having our baby shower tomorrow and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to share all the details!

Love y'all,

Morgan, Duq and Tennessee Wolf

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