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Apr 7, 2014

Girl Crush: WARPAINT

Listen. Love it. And google them because these girls are hot. If I had stuck it out with playing bass, I would want to make music like this. xoxoxo MORGAN

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Apr 1, 2014

Picasso Baby: Jay-Z's performance piece

PICASSO BABY. I happened upon this video of Jay-Z's performance piece "Picasso Baby" and I think it is just amazing. The music is great, the energy is insane and you observe this intense commentary of celebrity, on boundaries, on looking and seeing into the soul of a person. It's a more popular culture spin on the pieces of Marina Abramovic (she sits or stands in a gallery and anyone can just walk up to her, sit, stand, stare, yell, whatever). And in a cool twist, Abramovic is IN the Picasso Baby piece, along with a whole lot of other cool movers and shakers in the world. 

Watch it. Dig it. 

Love y'all.


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Oct 11, 2013

Friday Roundup and the Premiere of Duquette Johnston's New Video!

Happy Friday! So this video is something I really, really love. Jeffrey Cain of Communicating Vessels, AKA the Wizard got busy in the studio one day and created this mix of Duquette Johnston's "Heart is Breaking" to Charles Bukowski reciting his own "Genius of the Crowd." I don't typically like Bukowski, I will admit. But this piece is crazy amazing! And the video was created over a couple hours on a hot Sunday this Fall in Alabama, by the incomparable Jason Hamric and Duq. Watch it. Share it. 

Now for the awesome stuff from this week and going on this weekend:

-If you're around Birmingham, check out the last days of Eastlake's Street Life pop up shops via REVIVE Birmingham. This is in our hood, so you may just see us aound! 

-If you're around Nashville this weekend, don't miss out on our girl Libby's third popup series, JOINT. It's only Saturday and Sunday and features works by William Eggleston, Katy Grannan, and more. Not to be missed. 

-I happened to check out The Selby lately and this is kind of our couple crush!

- A lake in Africa turns animals into calcified statues and they are amazing!! 

Y'all have an awesome weekend. If you're out at Barber for the Vintage Festival and see either of us walking around, be sure to say hey!


Morgan and Duq and Nugget


Sep 24, 2013

Soul Train Tuesday: Ramsay Midwood's "Maybelline Grease"

Ramsay Midwood is a musical unicorn. It's a rare thing to see this man in the flesh. Well, pack a bag and get down to Waverly, Alabama for Standard Deluxe's Old 280 Boogie!!! 

Jason Isbell

Ramsay Midwood


Doc Dailey

Great Peacock and more...

It's one of the South's best events, a gem of a weekend in the country with great music, food and art. GO!!!!

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Sep 11, 2013

It's a Sad and Beautiful World

It's 9/11 and that's a date none of us can forget. I struggle with commemorating horrific events, but I do encourage pausing and reflecting on where we are, where we've been and where we are going. There are so many just terrible things going on in the world, in our country, in our own streets. There's an apathy that hangs thick in the air these days and it's up to each of us as sentient human beings to bat it away, blink our eyes and do something good. 

Just do good. 

It's pretty simple.

I want to do my part to create and preserve some beauty in this world. Do yours. We'll be good.

Love y'all, seriously. 

Morgan, Duq and Nugget



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