Slices of real life

Slices of real life

It’s Friday and I’m sitting here in my little breakfast nook that I call the Basket Room with a cup of coffee and a candle.

The heavy petals are falling from the tulips I brought home from the tulip farm last week. Their bulbs are soil deep now and I look forward to seeing if they fare well here and bloom for us next year. 

The past few weeks have been full of deep musings. I think a lot about the relationships in my life. How I show up in them. What they look and feel like. What I hope and long for and should expect within relationships. It’s amazing to me that it’s taken me 38 years to really spend time in this learning. But maybe I’ve unknowingly been doing it all along and I’m now arriving at an even deeper understanding of it. The nuance. The value. What to expect of myself and others. Letting myself acknowledge how I want them to FEEL. This is big work. And I don’t have any earth shaking revelations— but I do want to share this bit of wisdom I originally saw on Instagram from therapist Helen Marie. These points have stood out to me so much that I recorded them in a painting in a book that will one day go to my son.

This weekend I’m going on a little trip, deep into the countryside with two dear girlfriends to experience the high bloom of the Ephemeral flowers. These are the late Winter/earliest Spring wildflowers that bloom before everything else. I look forward to sharing more of that next week! 

I’ve also been thinking about starting a Wednesday morning newsletter with more of these personal kind of posts and musings. Perhaps Wednesday I will share my magical encounter with the Ephemerals. Perhaps you want to sign up for the newsletter! Just scroll down here or at the bottom of my landing page and sign up! I’m trying more to get away from social media as the primary means of connection with people. 

Aren’t we all longer for a different sort of connection? Something a little slower, more intentional, less addictive… to be more in our own power. That’s what I long for. And community. 

So a little teaser— I have to show you the cottage we are staying in on my girls trip. YOU. GUYS. This is so witch in the woods vibes. There’s even a barn with Pygmy goats to visit. Here’s the listing to this magical little spot in Chickamauga, Georgia. I can’t wait to share my own experience of it with you!

I hope you each have a really beautiful weekend, filled with small wonders, reflection and restoration. 

Xoxo Morgan 

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