Welcome to the new world of Rugged and Fancy!

Hi! I’m Morgan.

If you’re new here, WELCOME!

If you’ve been a friend, patron or loving satellite, welcome back!

While this space is a hub of sorts for all my creative pursuits, one of the things I really wanted to bring to the experience actually ties back to one of my many former lives. Circa 2006, I was a blogger. For real. It was so fun and such a passion project, a way to share cool, interesting things in a storytelling format. 

It’s now almost twenty years later, I’m pushing 40 and the cultural pendulum has gone back and forth a few times. What better time to bring back an old fashioned BLOG?!

Here’s what you can expect on Le Blog:

+ Yes, big announcements like my upcoming book, Little Miss Hunny, press features, live painting events, parties, etc. (Nbd)

+And also— my insider travel tips, fashion stuff, process stuff, maybe some occasional art “lessons,” always ALWAYS my favorite things, niche obsessions, interesting musings and more. 

So sign up for the newsletter to know when the next blog drops (along with fun free newsletter content like playlists, first access to collections and more, too). 

Welcome welcome welcome. 
Let’s have some fun!!

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