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Oct 31, 2014

MUST CHECK OUT: & other stories

I am at a place in life where I have really honed in on my style-- a uniform of black and grey with minimal adornments and really well made-- but my budget is still in the shopping mall and outlet range. I just cannot shop at places like Forever 21 and H&M as I have concerns over manufacturing and design processes and it's just SO poorly made. Zara is a favorite, hitting great price points and is most always well designed and produced, but it's hard to only have that one lone wolf...

Enter & Other Stories, my new great fashion love. Designed in Paris and Stockholm, the clothing, accessories, shoes and beauty products are created as beautiful items to be combined, creating your personal style story. What's my story? French classic meets rock and roll, think Francoise Hardy plus Brigitte Bardot circa 1960s.

New to the States, this H&M owned brand (hey, whatever) just opened its first US store in NYC's Soho-- and I totally got to shop it in its first days. (Thank you Jana Mobley for the perfect recommendation!) I was so amazed and wholly consumed in the really perfect shopping experience that I totally forgot to take photos. The considerable ground level store is really organically divided into four "boutiques" two ready to wear salons with small display racks hanging only five or so units of a small number of designs. It creates capsules, subtle suggestions at how to build your story. A rack may hold a wool coat, a leather pencil skirt, a bold patterned monochrome sweater and accessory options. It's subtle and smart and gives the shopper the space to have a boutique experience without feeling the immense crows that inevitably surrounds you in a Soho store. The center salon is products, presented so beautifully and with scents that are somewhat similar to olfactory obsession Diptyque but with a $20-$30 price tag versus the cost of your student loan payment. And then there's the shoe boutique, and just let me say, their show game is on point. They're very well made, too.

This is a must bookmark brand and a definite must stop spot if you're in NYC. Here are a few of my favorite things...

Scarf ($75) and Wide Brimmed Hat ($50), here

Merino Wool Sweater ($90), here

V-neck Top ($40), I totally bought this shirt and it immediately became my favorite black tee. Here

Rhinestone Stud Earrings ($11). I've been looking for the perfect baby proof earrings and these are the best! They have perfect backs to them so they don't fall out or feel tight. Love them. Here

Slim Leather Ankle Boots ($195). I tried these on and they are goooooood. Here

Check it out and let me know which pieces you're loving. 

LOVE Morgan

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Oct 30, 2014

the witchy windows of bergdorf

Happy Halloween! May your day and night be filled with loving trickery and a lot of imagination. Have fun and be safe!


Morgan, Duq and Tennessee

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Oct 28, 2014

stylish scenes from nyc streets

We just got back from our one week trip to New York City! We have so much to share and are excited to do it over the next several days. But today we rest! Here are so photos of interesting things on the street people. 

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Oct 24, 2014

Five Questions: shannon harris/ design week bhm

Today we are asking Shannon Harris five questions. I don't know what to say about this woman because she's one of my best friends and godmother to my boy. She has great vision, really cares about her city, works harder than any woman I know and is just amazing. She's been a big part of Design Week Birmingham from the get go, and you should totally go see her at the Printer's Fair at Trim Tab Brewing Co. this weekend. 

Here are five questions with Shannon Harris...

1/ What Pantone color is Shannon Harris? 805c

2/ What is your favorite period of design? What three characteristics make it your favorite? The New York School pragmatism, informality, symbolism  

3/ If Shannon Harris was a band, what would it sound like or who would it be? The Cars

4/ What are your favorite tools for your trade or otherwise? Adobe pen tool, box cutter, bar spoon

5/ Drinks with any designer dead or alive...who is it and what are you each drinking? Tibor Kalman, founder of M&Co and the creative force behind Colors magazine. He's having a Negroni and I'll have the bourbon version, a Boulevardier.

Shannon Harris is a Senior Art Director living in Birmingham, Alabama. She works at BIG Communications with her husband Matt Harris and dog Booda Harris. She likes bold graphics, simple messages, good office vibes, and connecting the dots. 

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Oct 23, 2014

Picasso in Vallauris

I mentioned last week that I have been going through old travel photos, and I came across these images of Picasso captured by Andre Villers. There was an entire exhibit in this little gallery in the South of France a few years ago, and it was one of my favorite photo exhibits I've ever seen. I am endlessly obsessed with Pablo Picasso and jump at any chance I get to see more perspective to his life. 

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Oct 22, 2014

Inspiration: landsat earth imaging

Landsat was kind of the grandaddy of Earth imaging, recording images of our planet to give scientists a way to track changes to landscapes... and giving the average person some great inspiration and perspective. I really am loving the color combinations and textures. 

Lake Eyre Filling Peaks, Australia, 2009.

Yellow River Delta, 1989.

Yukon Delta, Alaska 2011

Sivash, Ukraine 2010

PHOTOS: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4

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Oct 21, 2014

Five Questions: Roy Burns III/ Design Week BHM

This week is the second annual Design Week Birmingham, a really amazing week of exhibits, lectures, film screenings, workshops and more. There are too many great events going on to possibly list here, but my picks would definitely be a flag making workshop with Aaron Draplin, the Printer's Fair at Trim Tab Brewing Co. and a Rapid Fire presentation with 11 local and regional designers. Get your tickets now to these amazing happenings. So today we are talking to Roy Burns III, Creative Director at Lewis Communications and one of the founding board members of Design Week Birmingham. Working with designers David Blumberg and Andrew Thomson, he helped to create the branding for this and last year's DWB (but is very quick to add how collaborative the creative community behind all of this is.) Duquette and I each have had the opportunity to work with Roy and it's always a fun process.

Here's five questions with Roy...

1/ What typeface is Roy Burns III?  Craw Clarendon. Freeman Craw's version of the classic English slab-serif.

2/ Dinner with a dead designer-- who is it and what do you eat? Tough! Maybe Alvin Lustig, Barney Bubbles or Tibor Kalman. No… Alexander Steinweiss. He invented the album cover. Steak-frites with Campari and soda… or Guinness Export.

3/ Favorite album artwork and why?  Lonely Is An Eyesore—a 1987 compilation on the 4AD label by Vaughan Oliver (then, working with Nigel Grierson under the name 23 Envelope). Difficult to remember which came first—my love for this astounding album, or its wonderfully enigmatic sleeve. Can't really separate them. Together, they form a singular artistic statement. Typographically speaking, it's nowhere near Oliver's most adventurous work. But the textures? I'm a complete sucker for textures. This record made me want to become a designer.

4/ Favorite Pantone color? Pantone 8001 (shiny!)

5/ Top three inventions ever? Printing. Recording. Ventolin.

Roy Burns III is Creative Director at Lewis Communications in Birmingham. Prior to that, he was Senior Art Director at the New York office of global interactive agency Razorfish, and Design Director at Stoltze Design in Boston. During his 20+ years in design, he’s worked for a broad range of clients including HBO, ZDF, BMG/Sony, Capitol Records, Caldo Verde Records, Communicating Vessels, Houghton Mifflin, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, University of Virginia, Tiffin Motorhomes, Fidelity Investments, and Harvard Business School. His work has been recognized by the Art Directors Club, Type Directors Club, Graphis, HOW, Print, Communication Arts, AAF ADDY Awards, AIGA and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. When he's not designing or hoarding records, he's not spending nearly enough time with his wonderful wife Liane, his son Walt, and his dog Zee.

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Oct 20, 2014

Mother Monday: leaving the baby for a week

Duquette and I leave tomorrow for New York City for six days... and Tennessee is staying in Alabama with my parents. I am so thrilled to be going to my favorite city in the world with my husband, getting time to reconnect with each other, to reconnect with friends and to reconnect with myself. However, I have to admit I am having a hard time with the thought of leaving my baby for a week. I know it's good for us and it's good for him (and it's good for the grandparents to get time to totally spoil him), but my heart aches over leaving him! It shocks me, to be honest. I guess I haven't realized how closely I have bonded with him. 

So today we are spending the day as a family before flying out bright and early. Follow us on our adventure both here and on Instagram! @ruggedandfancy and @rebelking.

Have a blessed day (and please say a prayer for our safe travels...I'm so bad at flying!)



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