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Dec 19, 2014

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now

1/ B4-XVI. Some genius has taken a close look at the relationship of hip hop style and art predating the 16th century.

2/ APPARATUS STUDIO. This is one of those things that I came across via a friend's post on Instagram. Man, these lights and objets are so sexy. "Censer" is an incense burner. Check out their amazing light fixtures, too.

3/ HOLIDAY MAGAZINE. Many years ago I went to an estate sale of an older couple who had obviously spent their lives traveling the world together. I found a stack of these yellow edged giant magazines called "HOLIDAY" from the 1950s and 60s with photographs of Capri, Paris and high society taken by none other than Slim Aarons. I read them cover to cover, hanging a few of the covers in our home for many years. Anyway, it was LONG LONG out of print. And now it's back and I am so thrilled.

4/ TOM FORD LIPSTICKS. I have to be honest here. I have not actually tried any Tom Ford lipsticks. However, I am completely sold on their beauty. The pigments. The packaging. The styling of color swatches. It's so sexy. So there are eight new matte colors and a line of mini lipsticks called Lips & Boys. Look at the way they give you swatches-- photos of colored lips of a woman, kissing a boy (and sometimes a girl, too). (First photo, courtesy of A Standard of Living.)

5/ NEIL KRUG. This guy has produced the album art for basically everyone in the past few years, from Lana del Rey and First Aid Kit to Devendra Banhart, Jim James and way, way beyond. It's super psychedelic, beautiful and uncomfortable, too. I love his fine art prints. Buy them now. Trust me. (First, "Jackie 72." Second, "Summer Lovers.")

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Dec 18, 2014

Bag Dump: stephanie granada, style editor of Southern Living

We Johnstons love a giant Christmas party. So several years ago, when Stephanie Granada showed up to one with a group of girlfriends and a tupperware full of baked goods we simply said, "Come on in." Introduced to me as "The Colombian," I have been endlessly fascinated with this exotically beautiful, impeccably stylish, incredibly astute lady. Our paths cross at laid back social events where we get to catch up on milestones, travels, share inside tips on the next best "...." So of course I want to know what is in her bag. Here it is...

1/ THE BAG.I got this backpack by Charleston brand Proud Mary earlier this year, and I love it. It’s such a practical way to tote a bunch of stuff and still have free hands for juggling the million other things that come up as you get from point A to point B. I have taken this bag everywhere from Nice, France, to Marfa, Texas, and it never fails to get a ton of compliments.

2/ THE SUNGLASSES. I’m amazed I have not lost this pair of Prada sunglasses yet. My mom gave them to me for Christmas last year, so I am trying to be extra careful.

3/ THE EYEGLASSES. These Prada lenses were what pushed me over the edge into getting spectacles. I’ve had a sense for a while that I might need glasses, but kept delaying. My whole world is so much clearer now.

4/ THE LIPSTICKS. I am always stocked with lip options. Burt’s Bees is essential, as well as a couple reds (right now I love Tory Burch’s “Scoundrel” and Laura Geller’s “Cranberry Glaze”). Fresh’s Sugar in “Ruby” delivers just the right hint of color and goes on easily.

5/ THE BOOK. I travel a lot, so reading material is crucial. I can’t put down Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken. I didn’t think it would be my type of book, but it’s so immersive.

6/ THE NOTEBOOK. This little red Moleskine is with me all day. It’s mostly just filled with work to-do lists, but I love looking through and finding the occasional note from a meaningful day. It also has a little pocket that gets filled with receipts and bar napkins scribbled with travel recommendations.

7/ THE PENS. Pilot Precise V7 is the best pen, hands down.

8/ THE HAIR TIES. My hair might start out down, but my 2 p.m., it’s always in a bun. You have to get the no-damage elastics that won’t break or dent your hair. I also sleep in a top bun to wake up with wavy hair—no styling needed.

9/ CELL PHONE AND WALLET. Truth be told, these are the things I forget the most. I need to start doing the typical guy “phone, wallet, keys” check.

10/ GUM. This is one of those habits I need to break. I can go through a pack of Orbit gum entirely too quickly.

You can find Stephanie Granada at the style helm of Southern Living, appointed its first Style Editor last year. Be sure to follow along on her travels in the print publication as well as on The Daily South

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Dec 17, 2014

Kitchen Dreams

We live in a great old house. We bought it almost six years ago in a neighborhood that dates back to the 1920s. It's in the city but has that feel of nostalgia. Like you imagine your parents and grandparents growing up here, grilling out and riding bikes in the streets. We have almost an acre of land-- in the city and at the edge of an urban land preserve and bird sanctuary. It was the big selling point for us. It's like our own magical forest (and if you've been to one of our Legendary Fires, you know it too). The house itself is a great house. Built in 1948, it's an early ranch style with 2400 square feet, original hardwoods, amazing crown moulding, marble fireplace and patio in the backyard, lots of interesting details. But MAN. The kitchen is bad. It's real bad. It's a galley kitchen with only one window to the outdoors. There are linoleum "slate" floors with only concrete underneath, bright cherry red countertops and dingy brown slash neutral cabinets. 

This pains me GREATLY as we spend soooooo much time in our kitchen. We love preparing meals as a family and with friends. And it's no surprise, I love to take photos of what we are up to. And it just doesn't work in akitchen with no light and bright. red. counters. Will we remodel it? Maybe. I don't know. It depends. But for now, I am constantly dreaming about what my dream kitchen would look like.

Here's some inspiration...

This is Beth Kirby of Local Milk's kitchen. Great story on her remodel, here.

I could basically live in a house made entirely of marble, so this whole counter, island and backsplash situation is really speaking to me. And I want somewhere open, where people can sit and watch and take part. 

Alllllllll the right textures. And that brick floor is perfection. 

This is just basically my dream atmosphere. It has that Parisian apartement feeling, and I imagine there's a beautiful marble kitchen just off to the right.

PHOTOS: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4

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Dec 16, 2014

Top Ten Christmas Candles

Nothing smells better than walking into a warm home at Christmas with that perfect winter candle's scent floating in the air. Here are my top ten Christmas candle scents. 

Ten Candles of Christmas

 1/ DIPTHYQUE HIVER, $34/$68. Wind, fire, chestnuts. Super elemental.

2/ DIPTHYQUE FEU DE BOIS, $30/$60. Rare woods, a crackling fire. 

3/ DIPTHYQUE RESINE, $68. Pine, bark, resin, crushed needles. Very green.

4/ DIPTHYQUE MYRRHE, $60. Ancient oil, a gift for a king. Rich, warm, a little ambery.

5/ VOTIVO CHRISTMAS SAGE, $15. Juniper berries, hemlock, spruce. Traditional. 

6/ THYMES FRASIER FIR, $28. Straight up evergreens, as if you brought the tree lot to your living room.

7/ APOTHIA CHRISMUKKAH, $52. Green fir, warm clove and a little bit of the ocean. The California take on a candle.

8/ VOLUSPA SPRUCE CUTTINGS, $10. Blue spruce, my favorite evergreen.

9/ BYREDO TREE HOUSE, $80. Super complex with myrrh, labdanum, leather and lots of woods. Totally luxe.

10/ GREAT BEAR WAX CO. FOREST, $15. A log cabin in the woods. 

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Dec 15, 2014

Korean Beauty Secrets: Beauty, Body and Seoul

I am obsessed with exotic beauty secrets. Cleopatra wore what on her skin at night? Ancient Greeks made their skin soft how? Indian women have always done what? So I thought it would be cool to talk to some of my friends with exotic origins about beauty secrets passed down from their mothers. Today, my dear friend Tonia Trotter, wife, mother, art curator and gallerist is sharing her mother's Korean beauty secrets. 

Tonia Trotter, 2014.

Suki Newman, 1979.

Since I can remember, I've known my mom is beautiful. Now, well into her fifties (though she won't let me specify exactly where in her 50s), she still turns heads with her petite figure, shiny black hair and dewy skin. More fox than tiger mom, her unique brand of beauty is surprisingly simple and goes back to her early days in Korea. 

Here are her top three beauty rules:

1/ Garbage in, garbage out. This is a phrase my mom applies to all kinds of things, especially when she catches me watching any kind of Real Housewives show. But in terms of beauty, this means that you have to start with good nutrition. A multivitamin every day was the earliest beauty routine I was taught. Room temperature water and hot herbal teas to banish bloating, a diet low in sugar for clear skin and rich in veggies for healthy hair and nails and kimchi to flush out toxins. (Seriously, Google the benefits of consuming raw garlic. Bad for your love life maybe, but great for your health.) And she's right. Whenever I get into a funk where I'm not eating well, I notice it on my skin long before I notice it on my waistline.

2/ Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! My mom's skin has the kind of glow you see in backstage photos of 19 year old models about to walk the runways of fashion week. Korea is known for its obsession with skincare: serums, oils, masks and moisturizers are key to that dewy look. Rose or Argan oil is my go-to when I need an extra boost of moisture. Staying hydrated is important as is treating your skin gently. My mom always taught me to care for my skin like a fine silk top. Don't overscrub. Don't wash with hot water or use products with harsh ingredients. Don't crank the heater in the winter; instead, use an electric blanket or heating pad. Your skin and pocketbook will thank you!

3/ Be a natural beauty. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was a sophomore in high school. My mom said it would ruin my skin (and make me look like a tramp). My grandmother didn't allow my mom to wear makeup until she moved to the United States at the age of 19, and even then I bet my mom washed her face before taking pics to send back home to Korea. My grandmother only wore makeup on her wedding day and looked a good twenty years younger than her age for as long as I knew her. My mom rarely wears makeup today unless she's out and about. And she never ever wears powder. Still a facial virgin, my mom swears by regimens handed down from her older sisters who used rice water to brighten skin and cucumber slices layered all over the face, neck and eyes as a mash to depuff and hydrate. 

And as my mother's daughter, here are two Korean beauty products I use:

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Dec 12, 2014

Best Gifts Under $100

I get overwhelmed with all the gift guides. We are want to get something really well intentioned, thought out and meaningful for everyone in our life. Several people have messaged me asking for some suggestions for gifts under $100. I get it, you want something really cool but at price points at $10, $25, $100. So here you go, choice stuff for everyone on your list.

18 under $100


1/ i+w Apothia Soul Candle, $55. This is my favorite candle of all time. And you get a great box and can reuse the votive long after it's gone. 

2/ Aesop deoderant, $35. My husband is the pickiest deoderant shopper in the world. This stuff is all natural, smells like vetiver and other essential oils and works reallllllly well.

3/ Moon Phase Earrings, $60. All things celestial are still super hot. This is a great gift for the hip teen/twenty something or just hip whoever. Like me. I would totally wear these. And the packaging is great. 

4/ Japanese All-Brass Pen Case, $69. For the design obsessed, the student, the jet setter. This little case is so good looking and is sure to age really well.

5/ American Bison Leather Moccasins, $98. I LOVE a moccasin. The msot comfortable, stylish and surprisingly long lasting. Great for guys and the ladies. 

6/ Dennis Hopper: On the Road, $55. Just get this. Period. For your boyfriend, husband, your coffee table. 

7/ A Kitchen in France, $40. For your mom, the Francophile, the foodie, ME. 

8/ Big Dipper Earring, $22. It's the more grown up version of the celestial thing. 

9/ Black Pyramid Glass Display Case, $55. One hinge opens up for you to store little secret things inside. 

10/ Painted Leather Convertible Clutch, $88. Indigo will be everywhere the next couple of years. Be ahead of it with this amazing bag/clutch.

11/ Victorinox Swiss Army Card, $40. I once received this in my Christmas stocking and have carried it with me everyday since. 

12/ Imperial Fiber Pomade, $22. It's all Duquette uses anymore. 

13/ Another Feather Pearl Cuff, $98. This is one of the top contemporary jewelry designers and she's making amazing minimal pieces. Get one now before it's too late. 

14/ Jack Rudy Jack Pack, $60. Small batch tonic, grenadine, bitters and an Alabama Chanin bar towel. It's worth it.

15/ Juniper Ridge Trail Crew Soap, $35. Distilled by the mountainmen who go out sourcing the ingredients in the mountains of California. These are as natural as it comes, and it smells heavenly while actually getting you clean. We love Big Sur. 

16/ Rafe Abulon iPhone Case 5, $98. This one is a little excessive. Especially since it's for an iPhone FIVE. But it's just so pretty...

17/ Aesop Jet Set Kit, $37. It's the best way for someone to get to sample these awesome products. It's super luxurious but such an amazing price point.

18/ Hide & True Men's Leather Watchband, $55. We know the guy that makes these and he's the real deal. We know a bunch of guys with the watchbands and they're going to last forever and look amazing as they age. 

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Dec 10, 2014

stylish scenes from Garden & Gun's JUBILEE: part one

We had such an insanely good time at the second annual Garden & Gun JUBILEE in Charleston that I can't even pack it into a single post. Here is a slice of some of the amazing style we saw over the weekend. While the scene was set distinctly in the South, the attendants of the event came from all over, representing nearly every state (and even a few from Canada). I love that there's no single style to Garden & Gun. Both the magazine, its people and its readers are really unique. One of my favorite points of the weekend was simply walking around the grounds of historic Charles Towne Landing and snapping photos of textures, colors and the way people make their style. 

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Dec 8, 2014

Rugged and Fancy Travel Guide: Garden & Gun's JUBILEE in Charleston, SC

I've never been to Charleston, South Carolina before. So when Garden & Gun asked us to be a part of their Second Anuual JUBILEE, we said YES. Duquette and I live for a road trip, always looking for any excuse at all to pack up the car, saddle in ten month old Tennessee Wolf and hit the road. I've travelled in the South a lot, so I'm pretty familiar with how each state has its own identity, its own landscape, its own voice and history and culture. It's something I love the most about this region, so I was really excited and curious to experience the Palmetto State. 

We drove straight from Birmingham to Charleston for the sake of time while still making stops to have lunch and stretch. Here's a secret to driving long hauls with a baby... when that baby naps, you DRIVE as far as you can. And when it's time to feed the baby, stop at a nice rest area and eat together. We make it a point to travel with a small cooler of charcuterie and snacks, so we know that we are eating good, healthy food. Another little gem of advice traveling with a baby- if your child starts to lose it, like a full on meltdown, just stop and get out in the fresh air for a moment. It resets the baby. 

We arrived in Charleston late that night having had a Google maps malfunction that drove us through a nuclear reactor site for hours- I can only attribute this to the full moon. Or we got stuck in a time warp. Our friends Shovels & Rope (those songbird South Carolina darlings) boarded us in a quaint little Low Country house on one of the six islands that makes up Charleston. We were welcomed by a motley crew of musicians and motorcyclists, and Duq was all too happy to jump in, helping six others pick up and move an old bike out of an even older truck.

Friday morning commenced our JUBILEE festivities. We had no idea what to expect. We have been Garden & Gun readers since its inception, so we understand their aesthetic and vibe, but the event itself had this air of mystery and surprise around it. The location, historic Charles Towne Landing is something out of your wildest dreams. It dates back to the 1600s. The paths are lined with the biggest oak trees, weighted by Spanish moss. With murky marshes, beautiful experimental gardens planted by the settlers and so much more, it feels like you're lost somewhere in time, surrounded by whispers of the past. The sprawling grounds were a perfect setting for the JUBILEE, beckoning to attendees to stroll, observe, experience, to sit a spell, to indulge. 

So what is the event about? It's a celebration of the best makers, craftsmen and artists in the South, but it's also a time to celebrate the food, the readers from around the world and good old sporting. The name itself, JUBILEE suggests a commemoration. Something special. And the whole time we were there, we felt like we were part of something really special. 

Duquette and I really loved getting to see both old friends (Imogene + Willie) and making some really great new ones along the way. Artist Rebecca Rebouche loved on our baby while painting a giant "Family Tree" for the event. We loved talking to her about the iconography of the South and the importance of family. 

We fell crazy hard in love with the ladies from Fort Lonesome. They use a hundred year old Singer sewing machine to create the most insane chain stitched embroidered pieces. They were doing small custom monogram pieces on site and I got a patch for Tennessee's traveling keepsake box. (I have a giant box I put mementos in from our travels to give to him one day when he's much older.)

With a "Marketplace" that gave artisans an opportunity to create miniature stores and workshops, there were so many makers that we connected with (and look forward to sharing more in depth soon!), as well as a "Pantry" with some of the tastiest, most unique artisanal foods. I'm talking pickles, sausages (I talked to the women at Goat.Sheep.Cow about bacon salami and sopressata for over thirty minutes), Jack Rudy cocktail mixers, a beautiful curation of pottery, serving pieces and objets from The Commons and so much more.  The Bobo Intriguing Objects tent was a real treat, housing antiques and curious objects from attics and basements around the world. (Word on the street is that this "to the trade" only seller will soon be launching an online marketplace open to the rest of us.)

As a special treat, we got to test drive the 2015.5 Volvo XC-70 station wagon around the winding roads of Charles Towne Landing. Can I just tell you that our minds were blown with new technology that allows you to set cruise control speed and distance between you and the car in front of you? It accelerates and brakes on its own. It felt really strange, but with lane departure that steers you back into your lane if you drift or veer off the road, it's some cool features for a family always on the road. My top priority is keeping our little family safe, and I definitely felt safe. Additionally, the incredible storage space in the back would make it really easy for us to stay on the road for extended trips without the car becoming a nightmare mess. 

We really wanted to experience the city of Charleston itself so we sought out a couple things for us to do as a family with a 10 month old and a few things off the beaten path. My top priority was to take our son to the ocean for the first time. The ocean is my happy place, my spiritual place, and even I have never actually touched the Atlantic Ocean. It was seventy degrees on a December day on Sullivan's Island. It was magical. The previous night had been a full moon, causing a super high tide. So our morning on the beach looked magical with fading tide pools, kids crabbing, dogs splashing after tennis balls. Tennessee stuck his little feet in that cold water and just splashed and laughed, wanting more. We are definitely coming back with him in the Summer. 

In every city we visit, I search out a perfect almond milk latté and really healthy, clean food. I found both of these things in downtown Charleston and only blocks from each other. Kudu is a coffee and craft beer place with the perfect patio to sit and feel like a local. And yes, their almond latté is perfect. We put Tennessee in his stroller and walked from Kudu to the Charleston Farmers Market right in the heart of historic downtown. It was huge and a great mix of produce, yummy foods, local artists and live music. 

These sea urchin ornaments are stunning. I am having serious regrets over not getting one. 

I met some really cool young ladies from Keys for Hope who were very enthusiastically selling recycled keys that had been decorated with all sorts of stuff. They started a non-profit that sells these keys for $5 as necklaces, ornaments or good luck charms and all of the proceeds go to a homeless shelter. They've raised over $75,000 in three years and just want people to be able to look at their key and remember what home is and know they're helping someone else make a home somewhere, too.

Famished and looking for something super healthy and not too pricey, we walked a few blocks down King Street to Dell'z Deli. This woman is the real deal, y'all. She started this place almost five years ago with only $250 in her pocket and a great love for good food, good vibes and simply showing real love to every person who walks through her door. Sitting at one of four barstools, we talked love, good food, babies and life. In only thirty minutes I felt like I had made a lifelong friend. 

Travelling without a babysitter means that we have to be considerate of Tennessee's bedtime needs. I am all about that schedule because it makes or breaks our life, basically. That said, I try to be a little more flexible when we are traveling. So when our dear friends Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst from Shovels and Rope called for us to come over for a Low Country home cooked meal, we packed up that baby and went for it. 

Our weekend spent in Charleston was definitely Rugged and Fancy, with family, friends, beautiful people and food and places and experiences. We can't wait to get back there very soon to get even more of the Charleston experience. A special thank you to Garden & Gun, Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and Volvo, without whom this wouldn't have been possible. We look forward to next year at the JUBILEE and hope to see you there. 


Morgan, Duquette and Tennessee

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MOTHER MONDAY: a very special talk with maternal health specialist Rebecca Egbert

I don't know how I found Rebecca Egbert, but it was totally the universe connecting us for big reasons. I found her on Instagram @rebeccaegbert and then her amazing blog, The Mother Love, and it spoke to me as a new mother with all the joys, fears, secret shame and all the new facets of this sudden and huge shift in my life. Enough about me, this is Rebecca...

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it.” - Charles Bukowski

My close friends and family have often said that my free soul, my “gypsy” spirit is what they love most about me. Little do they know, it’s in my genes to be who I am. Like you, it all started with my parents. I was raised by a Cajun Momma and Daddy from Iowa. Both my parents were adventurous and independent, and it definitely rubbed off onto me.

When I thought I would be settling down, starting a family and my second year of Medical Residency in Neurosurgery - that was supposed at 29 - I was actually learning to ski down deep gullies and running ultra-marathons in my “home” state of Montana. I was beginning my first year of Midwifery school, as well. At 29, there was one thing I knew about myself better than I knew my breath - I loved working with women, specifically in Women’s Health.

Fast forward almost 10 years (Jan 5th, 2015 marks a new journey around the sun) and I am still doing the work I love most, but from a fashion forward perspective. About 15 months ago, I quit my day job as a Clinical Midwife and Clinical Coordinator of Medical Students. The Midwife part was and will forever be the most sacred work I ever perform in my life, but it was acting as jet fuel. The Coordinator part, it reiterated my understanding that the guts of the US Medical System is suffering on borderline mania and hasn’t quite yet gained control of the real cost-benefit issues - how to be preventative, collaborative, integrative and take care of the humans that support our medical system. You, me, us - the consumer.

That all said, I saw a BIG white space in how we take care of moms once you become moms and I dove in. Why?

Well, two of my closest, most special people suffered cases of mild to severe postpartum depression (PPD). There are varying levels of PPD and living aside to both more intimately than ever woke me up to ways I could help these two loves heal. I did my best. From their experiences with me, they both encouraged me to fill the white space.

You see, I have a deep relationship with Hawks. Ever since my Mawmaw and Daddy passed away, they’re just everywhere and it’s like they help me see and feed me information. Maybe a little woo-woo for some, but I’ve studied plant and animal medicine for close to 20 years with teachers who are legit. I am comfortable sharing this knowledge. What I know to be true, now, is that my responsibility is to see out, see far, see ahead, think progressively and help moms help themselves, preventatively and wholeheartedly.

The Mother Love was born from a deep knowing and desire to help and serve new, modern mommas to achieve their best outcomes in mind, body, heart and soul. I guide women in developing tools and resources, ones they want, and meet them where they’re at letting them this Mother Lover’s got their back.

I believe every mother has to find her way in learning to navigate the early days of adjusting to the huge responsibility and love that you feel once you become a mom, but I also believe there are major pieces of information that are being kept quiet and secret and it’s my job to breathe life into this information.

This is what I know to be true:

1/ You change with childbirth. With change comes a lot of unexpected emotions that you have to navigate, generally on your own until you really find your momma tribe. Emotions like love, responsibility, your own mortality, fear, terror even, big, big emotions that are really hard to express. When you change and grow, rule of thumb to remember is that change makes the ones you love a little uncomfortable or a lot bit uncomfortable and they might not know what to do with you, now. Don’t stop growing to accommodate someone else’s discomfort. They are responsible for their health and sanity and feelings, so are you. They must learn how to meet you where you’re at when they are ready. Grow for yourself, grow for your baby - its part of the job description as a mom.

2/ Your relationship will experience stress once your babe is born. The best time to do some work on your relationship health is before the birth of your baby. If you don’t have a good couples therapist, there are two books you need to live by:

I talk to parents prenatally about the “OMG…we’re parents” moment when you wake up after the birth and say, “Holy crap. Shit just got real.” Do some work before your birth. If you’re already a mom or a new mom, start now. Your relationship will hit speed bumps.

3/ Take care of yourself first, like make sure you put your oxygen mask on before assisting others. This is not second nature as a mom, this is a developed skill. If you prioritize your health first, your family grows stronger, and because you’re all thriving - you teach other new moms how to thrive too. The best thing you can give your family is a healthy you. 

4/ Sleep deprivation is awful! If you can work with an acupuncturist immediately postpartum, you’re going to do yourself a huge favor. Eat clean. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Have ONE cup of coffee a day. Leave the phone on the counter in the kitchen at night. Sleep when the baby sleeps.

5/ Meditation is something that mothers need but say, “I don’t have time for that.” I call BS on this. There is a great app, called Headspace. 10 minutes everyday. Monthly (cheap) subscription and it’s SO good and SO simple. Download it and save yourself some trips to the therapist. Meditation is preventative medicine.

6/ If breastfeeding doesn’t work for you, you’re not a failure. If your birth didn’t go as planned, you are not a failure. You still might have to work the emotions out, please get the support you need.

7/ Postpartum Depression is missed by most providers, because of your lack of exposure to a Maternal Health provider in your first 12 months of motherhood. Studies indicate that up to 75% of women will suffer from very mild to very severe PPD and only about 17-23% of those cases will be addressed. Now this is a big, US demographic scale, but it’s happening. Start exploring your support system during pregnancy. Who will you have on board? Why? What will you need to help you thrive as a new mom?

8/ Baby steps. Remember, when you give birth you too become a newborn. So does your spouse. This means you have to learn how to do things all over again. Be patient and loving with yourself. You only do the beginning of motherhood a few times, treat these times with a lot of love and softness.

9/ Your lover. Love them. Remember to let them love you back. Remember what made you fall in love in the first place. Remember how you play together. Be mindful of how you will stay together. Kids start developing their understanding of intimate relationships by watching you and your love, so be aware and conscious of how you start and end the day. What you bring home from work. Do you leave it at the front door or blast that shit all over the house? Leave it at the front door…We have plenty of room in life to be jerks to one another, but if you want to raise human beings who will have successful, strong, meaningful intimate connections - it begins with you and your love. Let them love you.

There are a million and one resources out there and it will blow your mind as a new mom. To avoid the overwhelm, find a thread that works for you. My intention is that as The Mother Love ages you will just have a one click place where you will find everything you need from Health and Wellness information to soul feeding surf retreats. I’m working like a boss for moms everyday, and I can’t stop won’t stop. I hope you do the same for you, your little ones, your love and your community.

You’re loved. You are not alone. I’ll see you soon.

XO, Rebecca

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Dec 4, 2014

BAG DUMP: andi eaton, author of new orleans style

I first encountered Andi Eaton via an Instagram suggestion. She was living in Spain this past summer and I poured over her images every day (kind of stalkery? maybe.). I was so excited to see she had a blog, Oui We and it quickly became a daily read for me. Through mutual admiration, emails and a glimpse into her bag, I feel like we have totally made a frienship. I love the way she supports style in her community in New Orleans. Be sure to check out her recently released book, New Orleans Style!

1/ THE BAG. The Barley Backpack in Champagne by Rorin. One of my favorite bag designers is New Orleanian Erin Tufts. Her bags all have dual compartments, an interior pocket for all my essentials, and then a larger main compartment for all the interchangeable stuff. The bags are made in New Orleans with the most beautiful crocodile leather. 

2/ THE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Glossier's Soothing Face Mist, in the most delicious rose aroma, great for freshening up throughout the day. Naked Skin Liquid Makeup. AVEDA's Tourmaline Eye Creme (discontinued, but I love the Green Science Eye Creme as much). AVEDA's Stress Fix Concentrate. AVEDA Goji Berry lip color. (I worked for the brand for ten years, so much of my medicine cabinet is still stocked with AVEDA.)

3/ THE MOBILE OFFICE MUST HAVES. Always a few Sharpies (for on the fly book signings) and those old school four color pens, my business cards for my clothing line Hazel & Florange and business cards of designers I love-- this cute little beetle card is from Caroline Kaufman, a Brooklyn based designer I met at Southern Design Week this past season. 

4/ THE POUCH. The Glossier bubble wrap pouch in bubble gum pink (it came with the Phase 1 Skincare set). I can be a bit tough on my things so it keeps me from breaking delicate things.

5/ THE BOOK. My book! "New Orleans Style"

6/ CHILL OUT SUPPLIES. My headphones (I'm a music junkie, always searching for new playlists and albums), my angel crystal or a moonstone (for enhancing intuition and protection, and as a general reminder to take a few moments of meditation time each day).

7/ EVENT LEFTOVERS. Photos and flyers, I love documenting a great event with Polaroid snaps or in a photo booth.

8/ ALL THE SUNNIES. I can never decide which pair will suit my mood and I'm a quirky sunglass lover. These three by Krewe Du Optic, Prada and Derek Lam are on constant rotation. 

9/ CAMEO EARRINGS. These are from New Orleans based RENU Jewelry-- each piece is custom made with antique finds. 

10/ NAIL POLISH. Sparituals Surreal nail color. It's my signature shade. I love a good navy, but I also choose my colors based on the names. 

11/ AROMAS. I only wear essential oils and natural scents, which are so perfect for layering. My favorites: Egyptian Musk and CB I Hate Perfume. Currently I'm wearing CB's In the Library, an aroma that smells of leather bindings, old novels and a walk through the outdoors.

Andi Eaton, named one of the most stylish people in the South by Southern Living Magazine, is the author of New Orleans Style, the designer of Hazel & Florange, a womenswear clothing line and celebration of Southern charm, inspired by the city of New Orleans. Her blog Oui We chronicles her personal style, travels and the stories of the Louisiana fashion community. She’s the Founder of the Southern Coalition of Fashion and Design, an organization dedicated to building a resource network for independent Southern designers and those working in connected industries.

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