A limited return of the Pet Portraits

A limited return of the Pet Portraits


If you’ve followed along on my art journey over the years, you may remember that I had a season of painting pet portraits. It was actually my first public offering that really took off. I painted A LOT of pet portraits.
And about five years ago I discontinued this offering.

Over the years, I still get regular requests for pet portraits, and I’ve always politely declined (while sending patrons to other artists who I love! Shout out Becky Denny and Chris Davis!).

While in New York City recently painting portraits for Nine Orchard Hotel, I was asked by a patron if I’d paint her companion, a dog named Eden. And for the first time in a long time, it was a resounding yes.

To see the joy it brought this patron was really impactful to me. So I’m opening a number of spaces for pet portraits with guaranteed holiday delivery.

This offering is 9x12” mixed media on paper, with no revisions. And the process is really simple— once you add to your cart and checkout online, I’ll email you personally (within 48 hours) to have you send photos, any notes on color, and if it’s a gift— we can make special surprise arrangements!

If you’d like one, add one to your cart. If you’d like multiple, add the total number to your cart. (One time a woman asked me to paint her eleven dogs. ELEVEN!)

Whether a dog or a cat or a reptile, etc., I’m really excited to offer this special commission for a little while, once again. 


Thank you! And feel free to share with a friend who needs to know.



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