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Old School Portraits, New School Medium

Old school portraits. New school medium.  

Whether you have a portrait of a regal grand-dame in your family, a painting of you as a child, or perhaps you’re a collector of depictions of unnamed others, it’s hard to deny the power of a well-painted portrait.

They have the ability to set the tone for an entire room and can transfix the viewer into the lives - both true and imagined - of the person staring back at you.

This exciting and innovative new approach to classical portraiture makes access to a traditional art form more accessible, easier and without compromising the beauty, quality and heirloom integrity of the final piece.

Over the last year, I have developed a technique and process that combines elements of the formal studio portrait sitting and traditional painting techniques with new, cutting edge mediums to marry new media digital painting with traditional fine art printing techniques. 

Each stroke, painted by hand. 

Each print, on museum etching paper. 

Each portrait, a moment forever captured in beauty and intrigue.  

Is this AI? Not at all. Each mark is made by hand, painted inside a raster graphics program using traditional mediums like oil paint, turpentine, charcoal, customized paint brushes and color palettes that are hand selected. Once the painting is completed, the portrait is fine art printed, using deckled Canson archival museum etching paper (the preferred paper maker of France’s Louis XVI, manufacturing since the 16th century). 

This mixed media, process oriented portrait experience builds upon fine art portrait traditions and historic printing methods, bridging to the yet to be fully grasped Web 3.0 experience of cutting edge digital technologies in art.


What sizes are available?   Portraits are available in two sizes, each on deckled Canson Archival museum etching paper. There is 13x19” paper (with an image size of 11x17”) and also 17x22” paper (with an image size of 16x21”).  (When checking out your cart, make sure you have selected the right size.) 

Can you tell me more about the printing process? Each portrait is fine art printed on deckled Canson archival museum etching paper, the preferred papermaker of France’s Louis XVI and maker of the first hot air balloon. Canson papers have been produced in France using the same methods since the 16th century. Morgan works exclusively with a Birmingham-based woman-owned fine art printmaker to produce these museum quality prints with white glove service handling. 

Can you tell me more about the painting process? Absolutely! Read a little more below…

Is this a digital painting?   At one stage, yes. After creating or receiving a photographic image, Morgan then uses custom fine art paintbrushes, mediums (oil paint, turpentine, wet and dry acrylics, inks and pastels) and custom vibrant color palettes to paint the portrait in Procreate, a raster graphics application.

These are not layers or filters. Each brushstroke and gesture, each mark and color is consciously made by Morgan’s hand using these new technologies.

Upon completion, the painting is fine art printed on deckled Canson archival museum etching paper, the preferred papermaker of France’s Louis XVI and maker of the first hot air balloon. Canson papers have been produced in France using the same methods since the 16th century. 

This portrait experience is a revolutionary new offering that bridges the historic traditions of fine portraiture and printing methods with the advances in our contemporary technology and the still very new Web 3.0.

Can you ship my portrait to me?Yes! These will be delivered to you in acid free protective containers. While framing is not included in this experience, we are happy to advise you on the recommended framing and to connect you with our local framers of choice.

 Can more than one person be in a portrait sitting? Absolutely. Perhaps it’s you and your partner, you and a friend, you and a child, perhaps even you and your pet (with advance approval). Children are welcome to sit in the portrait. No more than three people in one sitting, please. Additional arrangements can be made for larger numbers of sitters. 

Is this offering only open to women? Goodness no! This offering is open to all.

How do I reserve a portrait commission? Your portrait reservation is made once you check out your cart! Morgan will reach out to you via email within two business days to arrange your in-person sitting or to get the photograph you’d like painted. 

How long does it take Morgan to paint the portrait, print and to receive the final piece?  Morgan paints the portraits over several sittings with the photographs from the studio. This process takes her about 4-6 weeks to complete.  The printing process takes 1-2 weeks. Depending on how many people are in the queue this can move faster.

Need a rush? Send me an email and we can see if an arrangement can be made!