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La Femme d’Avignon

La Femme d’Avignon

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Finished a new painting called “La Femme d’Avignon.” This canvas has been at least four previous paintings that I never quite loved. It’s usually then that the figure reveals itself to me, the demilune of an eyelid, the puff of a sleeve, the curl of a smile.

I always think about the surprises someone might find one day if they were to x-ray my canvases. Lots of layers of flowers, layers of oil stick and the occasional curse word, hidden in between pretty layers in deep moments of frustration. One day it’ll be a secret between me, you and an xray technician.

People have asked if my work is self portraiture, and the honest truth is that there’s a little bit of me in every single one.

“La Femme d’Avignon”
Acrylic and oil stick on canvas
20 x 24”
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