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From the Vault: Flowers for Ukraine

From the Vault: Flowers for Ukraine

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In March  2022, as war began in Ukraine, I would go to my son’s little school and sit outside with the children in silence as they joined me in my plein air practice. I claimed this time of peace internally as havoc wreaked the world. And now I see that all my palettes from this series are blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Over the course of the pandemic, I traveled the country visiting grand homes, magical gardens and sitting with fabulous people while painting their portraits. I painted fruits and flowers and everything from the spectacular to the mundane. It’s all rather special and entirely significant in a world that is entirely out of our control. 

I’ve held onto these paintings on paper, keeping them in archive boxes until this very moment. Each one, entirely unique, capturing an unprecedented moment in time, depicted through the experience of an artist. 

6.5x9” watercolor, ink, wax on paper 


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