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The Three Graces

The Three Graces

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“The Three Graces.”
Do the curves of their bodies unsettle you?
Breast pressed to breast,
taught skin over organs.
I will not share their names,
lest they live on your tongue.

I’m tired of women belonging to everyone else. Frankly, it’s a gift we allow anyone to take our time, occupy our bodies, demand more of us than anyone has any right to.

These women revealed themselves to me as I painted. I look at these women at I wonder are they sisters, are they lovers, mother and daughter, strangers, friends? What are their bonds? Because we women are inherently connected. One of the greatest lies and distractions has been putting us in competition with each other.

I look at these women and I feel their stories. I want to talk about their miscarriages and abortions and IVF. To talk about the teacher that took her virginity when she was too young, the boyfriend who raped her and made her breakfast in the morning, the endless strategy and image control as she climbed to the glass ceiling where she couldn’t breathe for drowning. But these things aren’t polite to talk about, are they? They make people uncomfortable, like her heavy bare breasts and aching vagina as her organs reposition themselves.

Oh but she’s so pretty. Oh but she’s so accomplished. Oh but she’s such a good wife and mom. Oh but she’s so polite. Oh but she’s so good.

I’m tired and angry and nearly named this painting “F*ck the patriarchy,” but that wouldn’t be very appropriate would it?

“The Three Graces”
Acrylic and oil stick
Yes, available to move into a collection. The irony is not lost on me that someone will own this painting with these three women. I hope you look at them and feel it all.


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